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People would question my sanity if I create what I sometimes imagine – Edos_ Artistry, photographer who makes magic without a studio and breaks Instagram always



Edo Artistry

Few months ago, a photographer posted some mind blowing pictures on twitter which caused lots of positive reactions and we just can’t help but marvel at how talented he is.

He has since grown to become one of the social media artistes whose works many fans clamor for.

Zaynab Omotayo of Kemi Filani News had an interview session with him where he shared how he gets his inspiration, his life experience and what his dreams are. Read excerpts from the interview below.

Kemi Filani News: Can you please introduce yourself?

Edos_ artistry: My names are Ibor Edosa . I am a photographer and aspiring model.I studied at Auchi polytechnic, Auchi as a science laboratory technology student. I graduated 2018 as an ND student.

Kemi Filani News: What inspired you to start Photography?

Edos_artistry: From the start I’ve always had flare for photography, cause I loved art, but I studied science anyways. All my life I’ve always wanted to be an artist, cause I love drawing and I still have some secondary school art with me …that’s how much I love them.

Kemi filani News: What was growing up like for you?

Edos_artistry: From childhood I’ve always loved art, and the flare was top notch. So my dream was to become an artist. Sometimes it takes me one week to save 100naira to buy paints and pencils,, i guess you are familiar with the HB pencil,, and the 12 colour palette that comes with one thin brush.

It wasn’t that easy though trust me. After school we go out everyday to hawk either Fish, tomato, pepper etc so I basically draw more often at night. After school there was basically nothing to show, I travelled and came back nothing to show still. At the time I was confused and craven, apparently everyone wanted the best for me but the opinions were too many for me to comprehend. I was so unsure.

The pressure was becoming too much. My dad kept on asking me, so what do you want to do with your life? Sometimes aggressively. He called me one day, I was really terrified, and I said to him, “henceforth no one should support me, even if it takes me to eat sand I will, right now I don’t need anyone’s opinion, not even yours, for the first time my dad feared and I could see it through his eyes.

I started photography because there was basically no other choice, even if I had the passion in me already, depression was knocking right inside my head, I was angry at everyone for no good reason. Trust me it wasn’t easy for me ,Like I said I was never the worst but I am a very emotional person and I can be so vulnerable sometimes, my life was becoming so bored cause I was trying to put everyone away because of my vulnerability.

Kemi Filani News: Where do your ideas come from?

Edos_artistry: Sincerely sometime it’s like magic. It happens mostly when I am traveling. I just imagine things I see things differently. Sometimes I imagine art that I can’t even explain,, and i am sometimes afraid to create them.. because I don’t want people to question my sanity. I have a lot on paper that I am yet to create.

Kemi Filani News: How did you turn Instagram and Twitter to goldmine?

Edos_artistry: Difficult times leaves us with lasting impression they alter us and change the way we view our lives and when we have leaned who and what matters in our lives undoubtedly we have a great appreciation for them.

Trust me it started really small. I’ve always had the believe that people would know me. But the question was how. I Tried modeling but trust me Instagram was my agency.. It wasn’t really easy cause I couldn’t meet up with the life I wanted to live. Couldn’t brand myself because there was apparently no resources. I couldn’t meet up with that life. Cause that wasn’t me or rather who I am. When I started photography I could feel the joy. I stared feeling myself, I started with the available resource.

At the time I thought no one was watching. I started posting the real me on the internet, with no shame. Regardless of how local and how it will affect my modeling career..I already gave up modelling anyways. I posted on twitter the first time people reacted really well. I was wowed.

Trust I had no equipment, so I started renting cameras to do free shoot for people and my relative. And I’ll come online to give the full story.

It was in April 2020 my content went viral for the first time. Caption was “when your uncle is a Photographer” My Niece was 2 weeks old at the time I did the shot. Bloggers started reposting on Instagram, through twitter my Instagram was growing. I didn’t give up there… People started booking for shoots.. Though I wasn’t getting enough. Trust I won’t stop even if I had no client at that time cause it was about the happiness and satisfaction for me. It was in July posted another content that went viral. I posted my Niece again.. Caption was ” sorry your uncle can’t afford a studio yet my sweet little Niece” and that was it. People started sending me free money. I didn’t even know them. Till now I’ve been working like every other photographer even without a studio. Summary: do what you love.

Seeing my photographs go viral was something I didn’t see coming. all the comments, the hearts and people tagging me on these platforms. The joy is something I can’t explain, I am overwhelmed and sometimes really become emotional.

Kemi Filani News: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Edos_artistry: I always anticipate. I already I know I will become someone great. But the goal is to bring others along and to help those who can’t speak for themselves. Ending of 2019 it was a crossover service in church. and I just started photography newly I wrote on a piece of paper ” I want people to know me through photography and some other prayer points” today it’s working. “I want to be the best in Africa. “
That way people will sit and listen while I preach LOVE.

Kemi Filani News: Any advice for youth who are finding it difficult to make a difference?

Edos_artistry: Over the years I’ve leant a lot.

  • who my real friends are
    -the depth of my strength
    -what really matters in life
  • biggest of all how to be greatful.
    Choose your friends wisely. The wrong friends will help kill your dream.
    Stay focused.If you discover yourself, Hence start pushing while it’s still early.
    After you discover yourself and purpose In life shut every other opinions. Am not telling you it will be easy but rather I am telling you giving up is not an option.
    Start to see yourself great And others will notice your greatness.
    Search for successful people in your niche, follow them. Study them but don’t copy.

Be consistent, Write those ideas down for they’re your key to success. Above all stay true and be a positive person.