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I still have a political ambition – Osita Iheme (‘paw paw’)

Quite lovable with a high number of fan base, Osita Iheme fondly referred to as ‘paw paw’ needs no formal introduction as he is no stranger in the Nollywood industry.

Paw-paw, in an with Punch recently spoke on how much he spent on his new hotel as well as the kind of woman he would love to marry in the future.

He also revealed that he plans to run for political office in the future.

Read excerpts from his interview below:

How he got into the movie industry

I used to live in Aba, Abia State, and my friend took me to a place where movie auditions were held. One day, I was chosen to feature in a movie and the rest is history. However, I have always loved to act. In those days, I used to feature in church dramas.

Why he decided to open a hotel

It is an investment. I was motivated by the need to render services to humanity and create employment. We all know that the rate of unemployment in the country is high; so, I decided to look for a way to contribute my quota since I have the privilege to do that. Owerri is a tourism destination in the South-East. The hotel is another way to contribute to the growth of my state

How much he spent on the hotel

It indeed cost a lot of money but I cannot give you a specific figure. Building a hotel is not an easy task.

Do his businesses bring him more money than acting?

I wouldn’t say they bring more money but they support my acting career. Acting is not an everyday thing; there is no guarantee that you would get jobs all the time. One cannot depend only on acting because there is no security in it. Aside acting, it is important for one to also have another source of income. Acting is something that is done out of passion, not necessarily because you want to make money from it. I also carry out contracts and that fetch me a lot of money, much more than acting.

On his relationship with Chinedu ‘Aki’ Ikedieze

We have a perfect relationship. Meeting each other was a divine connection; it was God who brought us together. Don’t listen to whatever rumours that say we are not on good terms. What do you think can cause problems between two good friends?

When he is going to get married

(Laughs). Don’t worry. When that happens, you would be the first to know. As for female fans, I let them know that I appreciate them as fans and would rather love to have them as friends.

What kind of woman he likes

I like a woman who is God-fearing and intelligent. I am not really particular about physical qualities.

Whether he wishes he was taller?

Not everybody in the world is tall. Some are short, and others are of average height. We cannot all look the same. I happen to fall among the short people and I have no regrets about that.

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