Zenith Bank Worker who broke wife’s leg and ran to U.S with his Mistress, begs for forgiveness after wife revoked his Visa

Do you remember John Okeikhan Edobor, the Zenith bank worker and Ivie
Edobor ex-husband who was dragged to court in a domestic abuse case for
permanently breaking his wife’s leg?
Well he’s now begging for
forgiveness after his wife reportedly revoked his Visa. Recall
that his wife who celebrated one year anniversary of the incident
recently, revealed that John ran to United States with his mistress.

John Okeikhan Edobor who has been stripped of everything including
his job, visa and his mistress eventually abandoning him, reached out,
and here’s the open letter he wrote;

“Dear All,
This may come as a surprise but I’m writing this because I need help.

My name is John Okeikhan Edobor former husband to Ivie Edobor. I have
offended my wife and children dearly. The repacaution of my actions is
catching up with me thus my being in hiding since March in the United
States. Please tell her I’m sorry and I am ready to make amends to right
all my wrongs.
In my defence I had said a lot of things but that was to take the
attention off what I did. I’m now living as a fugitive. I don’t know
what pushed me this far. Ivie gave me all the time in the world to make
amends but my pride wouldn’t let me. I was so blinded by my relationship
with my then mistress I lost sight of the diamond I had. Yes we had our
differences but no woman would have taken all the pain Ivie went
through because of me. She has raised my 3 daughters singlehandedly. I
know my first daughter should be graduating from primary school now and I
cannot be there to share in the joy.

I have lost my job, my wife and my children because of my act of
violence. Ivie supported my family and I for a long time hence my
wanting her back. When she wouldn’t come back to me and insisted on a
divorce my anger led me to lay ambush and attack her that night but
truly I didn’t expect the injury to be so bad I only wanted to scare
her. I was so infuriated I got angry and struck her repeatedly on the

Please help me plead with her. I was so afraid of going to jail and
my mistress Orezime Jockey of Mamaray global assisted me to relocate to
the United States. I thought I was home free but Ivie wrote to the
embassy telling them about the case on ground and how I jumped bail and
my visa has been revoked. My life is he’ll now as I am now a fugitive
living in hiding with no job or source of income.

Please plead with Ivie for me to drop the charges in criminal court and allow our families settle us amicably.

I am unable to come out in public. Who knows if she won’t involve Interpol at this rate.
Ivie please forgive me, I will pay for all the damages to her leg, I
will take up responsibility for the children if given the chance. I
apologise for the lies and slander. Please forgive me my life is in
ruins. My mistress Orezime deceived me.”

He also apologized to his mother in-law for bringing her tears and being disrespectful;


Dear Mom,

It’s really hard for me to express how deeply sorry I am to have hurt
you. Words cannot describe how making you feel disrespected and that
alone has made me feel―miserable and guilty.

I wasn’t in my senses then, but that is no excuse! As a child, I was
taught to respect others, even if they were rude to me. How could I hurt
you of all people? You, who never gave up on me, you who made things
happened and ensured my marriage was fruitful even in all odds. You,
who always made me realize how special I am when the world forced me to
believe that I was worthless; you, who never left me alone when I was
upset or afraid.

I remember the times, you radiate with beautiful smiles made things
ease out for me and my wife and you were never tire to carry us high.
And now I feel horribly guilty of doing and say all what I said against
you, blaming my anger as an excuse! I realize the fact that no matter
how hard you tried to comfort me in my pain, I pushed you away thinking
that you would never understand! But I was so wrong mom. You knew
beforehand that things were not right with me, you understood me before I
could understand myself, that the path I took, did not have a
happy end. I was too busy, and too much engrossed in my own world, that I
forgot that my world is nothing without you! I realize that now, and I
am terribly sorry for hurting you, for saying words that should have
never even crossed my thoughts, for taking your love, your care, and
your concern for granted.

I am really sorry, dear mom! And what makes me feel more guilty is
the unconditional love that you have for me, in spite of behaving in
such a disrespectful way, your arms are always open to hug me and make
me feel safe, secure, and loved. Your smile still tells me that no
matter what, you are always happy to see me, your eyes are enough to
show the love that you have for me, and I feel I am the worst son-in-
law, for bringing tears to those eyes. I love you mom, and I realize
that I am nothing without you. Your love and your blessings are the most
important to me in this world. I promise it will never happen again and
I will be the son-in- law you deserve to have.

I really hope that you will forgive me…

I love you mom,

John Edobor.”

Credits: LailasBlog

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