You Do Blood Sacrifices To Remain In Power; Soyinka Blasts Political Leaders

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has condemned the rate at which
Nigerian leaders consult marabouts, prophets and other spiritualists in a
bid to hold onto political power against the peoples’ wishes.
He disclosed that political leaders are offering blood sacrifice to remain in power at all cost…
Adding that the situation is encouraging students to
join cultism, and that the rot in the nation’s education system was
trickling down to secondary and primary schools.
He said, “Give me the name of any head of state who has not been
consulting marabouts and prophets and so on, sacrificing goats, animals
in the dead of night to receive a third term in office and so on. And
then you start blaming students?
“They are imitating the same thing the infirmity society itself has
become. So, they can no longer distinguish between a genuine fraternity
and a secret cult of which society is riddled all the way from the top.”
True or False, Is Wole soyinka right?

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