Yewande is someone who can’t hurt a fly | Friend of Ibadan lawyer who stabbed husband to death defends her

A female lawyer, Yewande Oyediran, who allegedly stabbed her husband,
Lowo Oyediran, to death early Tuesday morning in their Akobo residence,
is still being held by the police at Iyaganku station, Ibadan, for
further investigations.

According to the Nigerian Tribune,a  source, trying to defend the suspect, stated that Yewande told her
that her husband, after the initial settlement of the brawl between them
by their landlord, allegedly woke her up from sleep by hitting her with
a plank.
The suspect was said to have confirmed that she stabbed her husband with
a pair of scissors during the first fight to get him off her when he
was beating her, but said she was not the one who took the knife to stab

She was reported to have been shocked that her husband could attack her later, even after the intervention of the landlord.
The husband, the source said, threatened to attack her with a knife, after pinning her to a car within the compound.

“Yewande said when she saw that her husband meant business, she made
effort to push him off and immediately ran towards their landlord’s
apartment shouting for help.
“Lowo, who was running after his wife, collapsed at the entrance to the
landlord’s apartment, which was where the landlord met him when he
rushed out after hearing the noise,” the friend said.

A source confirmed to the Nigerian Tribune that the landlord told the
police at Akobo police station that his efforts to know the cause of the
fight between the couple during his first intervention failed, as Mrs
Oyediran told him: “Daddy, you can’t understand.”

He also reportedly confirmed that it was a shout of “Baba, help!” that woke him up the second time.
The marriage would have been three years old on February 9.
Some of her colleagues, who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune, described
her as a very quiet, easy going lady who had never exhibited any trait
of anger or aggression, expressing sadness that it was such a person
that was being linked with murder.

“Yewande is someone who can’t hurt a fly; she must have bottled up a lot
of things that she refused to share with anyone,” one of her colleagues

Following the development, the family of the deceased in Gbongan, Osun State, had been thrown into mourning.
When the Nigerian Tribune visited the family house of the deceased on
Thursday, many of the family members and relations were seen morning the
gruesome killing of Lowo.
Some of them, mostly women were seen shedding tears and rolling on the floor, describing the death as a big loss to the family.
The elder brother of the deceased, identified as Mr Adewale Adelani
Oyediran, said 

“we are devastated by the death of Lowo. I was confounded
because I could not imagine that Lowo that I spoke with about five days
ago could have have his life snuffed out just like that in his
prime.“Lowo was everything to the family. He is the bridge between old
and the
new. He binds everybody together in the family. He is the comforter. I
sponsored him throughout his educational programme in the university.“It
is pathetic that I am not going to see Lowo again. Lowo used to tell
us that he knew that we don’t have money in our family. He said that if
God spares his life, he would put smile in the face of everybody in the


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