Yemi Solade and the lady who claimed he asked her for sex in exchange for a movie role

Yemi Solade

Veteran actor Yemi Solade
has reacted after an aspiring actress identified as Lawal Dolapo,
accused him of ‘soliciting sex’ from her in exchange for a movie role.
This is happening hours after actor Yomi Fabiyi was accused
of demanding sex from actress Eniola Omoshalewa for a movie role. An
accusation Yomi Fabiyi has denied.

According to Lawal Dolapo, pictured above, Eniola
Omoshalewa’s revelation gave her confidence to tell her story. She wrote
on Instagram:

Years ago when the drive to become an actor was high, I
believed in myself so much, I was going for auditions, getting call
backs and anytime I was called on to set, something about school will
set in.

I saw this man’s page, I mean the almighty @yemi_solade and I noticed
he had his BBM pin on his bio, as a hustling girl, I sent him request,
he accepted, it felt like heaven on earth, I felt like my prayers were
about to be answered.

I sent him accolades first, you know na,
next thing I said, sir, I’ll like to be featured in movies, he said
that’s not a problem, I should meet him up somewhere around Ajah.

Cross-checking the address, it was a guest house, I said, sir, you
are like my father (I was about 20yrs old then), uncle said and I quote
“I know my children, and you are not one. If you want a role, then come”

Emi Arike, if I’ll sleep with a man for something, then it’s not going to be something I can get by myself.

I was shook!!! Mehn!!! The same man that flaunts his family on his
page? That day I told myself, these nollywood actors can never be

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