Wow, this Charly Boy revelation is so deep (Read)

Maverick entertainer, Charly Boy has revealed some of his deepest
secrets and unpleasant past in his newly released article ‘My wandering
The article not only chronicles how he was raped at a tender age but
also how he fathered a child at age 16 – yup, you read that right.

Here are ten things you should know from the article:

1.  He was sexually abused at age 10: “My parents saw
Pepper. When I was barely 10yrs old, my baby nurse was caught tampering
with me sexually, Chineke! A practice that pleasured me even though I
didn’t know what the heck to do, when we were caught by my mother
needless to say how levied she was. My God!  Come and see! She beat the
living hell out of my baby nurse, didn’t even know my mum knew karate
and judo then. No be small thing. “

2. He lost his virginity two years later.
3. He contacted STD the first time but he got cured and fell in
love with sex: “By the time I turned 12, I was disvirgined  by a local
whore who dashed me my first STD,  the discomfort I experienced was very
scary, it was as if my kini was on fire.  Kai! I confided in my Mama,
who took it upon herself to further frighten and scare the living day
light out of me, telling me how sex is so bad and dangerous. Did that
frighten me after I was cured?  For where?”

4. He impregnated many young girls: “From there on, girls were
getting pregnant around me like they were all catching cold. The more I
was beaten up by my father and scared shitless by my mother for my
waywardness the more stories of pregnant girls all over the bloody place
grew, it was amazing though  it wasn’t funny. Meanwhile in secondary
school, my mates were busy being good children, reading their books; I
was busy fornicating all over the place getting girls pregnant. It was
incredible when I come to think about it now. “

5. His parents didn’t stop praying for him “Yesoooo I was
catching my fun with reckless abandon while my parents prayed for my
deliverance because chaiii, I spoil from belle, no be today.”

6. He had his first child at age 16 but denied paternity: “By the
time I was 16yrs old I had my first baby, of course not to be seen as a
cursed child I denied any knowledge of ever knowing the woman at the
time, who usually were all older than me, some by 10yrs. All I could
chorus at that time was that famous tune by Shaggy, No, “It Wasn’t Me”.

7.  He married at 19 “By the time I turned 19, my mother in her
wisdom talked me into getting married early. I went along with the
programme, for me I saw it all as legally having a free supply of p….sy,
endless sex, which one be my own. “

8. His first marriage and two other marriages failed: “That
marriage failed before it kicked off, I was just too young and immature
to understand what I was getting myself  into, that’s how I ended up
marrying 3times, experimenting with different women before meeting my
present anointed  wife, lady Diane. “

9. His first son is doing so well now: “My first son is about
46yrs old now, an associate professor at MIT in Boston Mass. USA. Then
it was taboo for a young man of 16 to be making babies, right now my
people, it’s a blessing, and I thank God daily.

10. He had nine children and 14 grand children: “I have nine kids
and 14 grandchildren, I have had my fill God knows, but the hardest
thing was the discipline I had to employ when I built the larger than
life image that is Charly Boy. “

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