Wow! Student’s p*nis goes missing in UNIPORT after handshake

Kenya Students

You know those kinds of stories that its best you read the narration
yourself for better understanding? This is one of those kinds.

While growing up, we are advised not to shake hands freely for issues
such as the shaker being strangers, the hands of the shaker possessing
germs, and so on, but no one warns you not to shake hands in case your
penis gets taken.

Even if we were told we would probably have laughed it
off as a lame gimmick at getting us as children to not frolic with

But then how does a penis go missing after a simple handshake?

Well it did happen in the University of Port Harcourt on Friday.

According to reports, a level 100 student of History and Diplomatic
Studies early yesterday encountered an ordeal when he had a handshake
with a level 400 student of medicine and surgery and immediately he felt
incomplete and he checked to notice that his penis was missing and he
raised an alarm immediately.

Thanks to the Great Madelites in hostels that came to his rescue, but
before any explanation from the penis taker, students had already
descended on him and he later confessed he took the penis and pleaded
that they should give him time to bring back the missing penis but the
students were not patient and continued with the beating before the
school security came to take up the matter which have been taken up now
by the Nigerian Police Choba for further investigation.

Question is, how does one go to look for a penis?


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