Would you risk trying this pre-wedding photo stunt?!

Is this the most dangerous pose ever?
The prewedding photo hit instagram a while ago and it has stirred up series of reactions.
One said “Person go die before the wedding sef”
Ace photographer, Kevin Obosi even had this to say about it.

“Gee! Somebody, somewhere, someday is going to have a serious
accident soon from these ” STUNT” Prewed Photos, all for the sake of
seeking attention and trying to outdoor each other. Whatever happened to
good old simple Prewedding Photo Session

The soon-to-wed groom in question, Abiona Temitope finally responded when the commotion the photo sparked, didn’t stop.
“LMAO @ms_abiona … See ur village people… Always talking… Never
appreciative of human creativity… Particularly ‘this one’ @tsloww … And
the Prophet @kevinobosi prophesying accident… Lol… Soo much negativity
on the comments… Kudos to @ceimophotography for the spontaneous idea  For y’all wondering how I landed, scroll down on ma page

 The e-session was shot by Bunmi Rufus.

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