Working class women should stop “apologizing”, it thwarts their chances of being promoted – Report

Ladies, do you agree with this article?
Ladies, if you’re a couple of minutes late for work, do you simply say
sorry – or do you find yourself giving a long list of reasons because
you feel so guilty? 
If it’s the latter, then apparently you’re a ‘sorry
skirt’ – and it’s thwarting your chances of getting a promotion.
women apologize too frequently and lack confidence  in their abilities, a
report on daily mail reads.
 It means they constantly say ‘sorry’ in situations where a man would never think to.

Ann Francke, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said:

‘Take this example – a woman is late for a meeting.Young woman in office Rather than just sitting down and getting on with the meeting, they say:

 “I’m so sorry. I had to take the kids to school or the dog
was sick.” They over-explain. A man would just say “Sorry  I’m late”,
sit down and get on with it. It is a phenomenon known as being a “sorry

According to the report, women don’t think they need to publicise their achievements, while men will broadcast theirs.
It says:

‘Women sit there thinking the work I am doing is so great someone will come along and they’ll put a tiara on my head.At the next desk, a young man … has no embarrassment about jumping on his desk and saying to the boss: “Look at me. Aren’t I fabulous?”’

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