Woman gives birth after 14 years pregnancy in Lagos (Photo)

Wow, God be praised!!!

After 14 years of being pregnant, Mercy James delivered a baby girl on Saturday June 7, 2014 – she  named the baby ‘her miracle’. 
Mercy, a single parent, narrated the ordeal she experienced during the 14 years to Vanguard below:

“When I first took in, I knew that I was pregnant with signs and test
that confirmed that I was. Four months later, I went to hospital for
another test, the result showed that I wasn’t pregnant, but had fibroid.

Subsequently, I began to experience bleeding, at least once a day.
Sometimes, my tummy would protrude in the semblance of pregnancy. I went
to different hospitals, and I kept on receiving the same result that
nothing was wrong with me. But deep down inside , I knew that all was not well with me.
So I was taken aback when a midwife told me I was pregnant. But considering the test which showed I had fibroid, I was angry with
the midwife for giving me what I felt was a false prophecy of hope.
Thereafter, I started going from one church to another and from one
native doctor to the other. The results that I got from them all
remained the same. I became more feeble and confused that I prayed for
death to come.

“I went again to the midwife two years after and complained to her about the pains that I was going through, she told me again
that it was not fibroid but pregnancy; she advised me to be more
prayerful so that God will deliver me from the hands of the devil. I
kept on praying and at the same time asking myself that if truly I’m
pregnant, why is it that the baby was not kicking?I bought many
concoctions that they said could cure fibroid and drank them. I even
drank 12 bottles of a local cleanser but to no avail. This went on for
years. Then God took pity on me and decided to wipe my tears.On the day I
gave birth to my baby girl, I initially thought that worms were trying
to come out of my body not knowing that it was a baby. This was what I
told the midwife when we came to her. But after examining me she told me
to push.

I ignored her. I became unconscious for about 15 minutes and when I
regained consciousness, I heard the cry of a baby. I was surprised and
confused seeing my baby. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hmm,I thank God for
my life and that of my baby Miracle. I named her Miracle because she is
truly a miraculous child”.

 The midwife at the Celestial Church of Christ, Kadoso Parish, Ajegunle
where Mercy gave birth confirmed the development, especially the role
she played.

The woman who simply gave her name as Mrs Ajetima said:

 “She was pregnant for 14 years and was unable to give birth during this period. Then on Saturday around 6:30am I saw two
persons carrying her to this place. When she came inside, I laid her
down and asked one of my daughters to examine her, after the
examination, I found out that it was a baby that was about coming out
and not worms. I asked her to push and she refused. My daughter gave her
a hard slap on her laps since she refused to push.

Behold a baby with placenta came out! I started shouting, calling on
people to come and see for themselves that Mercy was truly pregnant,
because if not, people will start to say that that Celestial woman has
given Mercy a baby. Within a twinkle of an eye, the whole place was
filled with people. God is wonderful”.

Also affirming the happy development, Mercy’s closest friend, Odunayo Odeyemi said:

“I have known mercy for over nine years now. I met her with the
pregnancy . In fact, she did not know that she was pregnant. I followed
her to many places but her problems kept on increasing. Merely looking
at Mercy then before she gave birth, you will notice that she wasn’t
okay. I kept advising her to have faith in God because I had experienced the same thing. I was pregnant for three years and three months and God delivered me.
“Mercy came to me on that fateful day around 4am begging me to give her a
pain reliever, that she was having pains all over her body. I dressed
up and took her to a man that sells drugs. After taking the drug, on our
way home, she started having serious pains. I called her brother and we
both took her to the midwife. Hours later, she gave birth to a bouncing
baby girl. We all were surprised because we never expected such a
miracle to happen. She had a complete baby.”

 On the father of Baby Miracle, Mercy informed that they got separated on account of the ordeal that attended her pregnancy.

 “Friday is the name of my baby’s father. Actually, we are not married.
He just proposed to me and I became pregnant for him. He knew about the
pregnancy. He always gave me money for tests and scans but he got tired
and left me after waiting for me for over a year without seeing any sign
of a baby. I have no option than to go my own way,” 


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