With this food i thee wed! How the search for Nigerian food helped guy find his soulmate (photos)

Truly, the way to a man’s heart is his stomach!
Remember Bukola and Seun, one of our True Love Series couple who fell in love after the groom tasted her fried rice (HERE)….interestingly, soon-to-wed couple, Segilola and Ephraim’s love story falls in that line but theirs will wow you even more.

Read their love story as told to BN Weddings below:

How We Met
by the bride, Segilola
If it wasn’t for rice, beef stew, and plantain, Ephraim and I would
have never met and eventually be getting married. Okay, let me explain.
Ephraim and I met for the first time in 2008 at my apartment near
campus. We had a mutual friend, Temi, who visited me,
my pots and pans, and my refrigerator on a regular bases. To be fair,
Temi bought me groceries too, so he was always welcome. One
day Temi came over like he usually did to eat, and on that day he
brought Ephraim with him. Ephraim and I didn’t start on good terms
because I cooked fufu but he declined to eat any, so I teased him about
not eating it. Ephraim did not like that! But seriously, what African
does not eat fufu? After that, Ephraim and I saw each other many times
at parties, events, and so on, but never spoke to each other.

forward to January 2012, Temi called me saying he was in town visiting
and that he wanted me to cook something for him to eat. I cooked rice,
and beef stew, Temi was to bring the plantain with him so that I could
fry it. I
answered the door looking as rough as rough can get, expecting to only
see my good friend Temi. I was surprised to see that he came with
someone, that someone was Ephraim. We all sat down to eat and I think I
even caught a glimpse of Ephraim licking his fingers.Maybe
the way to a man’s heart really is through his stomach because for the
next couple of weeks Ephraim and I saw each other almost every day and
built a very close friendship. My favorite times where when we literally
stayed up all night just talking to each other.

would talk from night until sunrise the next morning and he eventually
became my best friend and the man I could not see myself living without.
The amount of love Ephraim displays for me is a true reflection of
God’s love for me. I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else.

How We Met
by the groom, Ephraim
Man, where do I start…
first met my Nigerian queen through my best man, Temi. The year was
2008. As broke college students, Temi and I were in search of some good
home cooked Nigerian food that we didn’t have to pay for (PLEASE REFER
TO THE EQUATION ABOVE). Temi suggested that we go to his Nigerian
friend’s house. I asked him about this “Nigerian girl” and also asked if
she could cook Nigerian food. He told me her name, Segilola, and said she can cook. We went over to her house with the intentions to tear up some Nigerian food.

decided to cook us some fufu. I wasn’t interested in eating it because,
for years growing up I ate it almost every day, so I just ate the
chicken out of the soup she cooked.

Lola made fun of me for not eating
the fufu she cooked.

We all talked and laughed, we thanked her for the
food and left. After this, for years I would randomly see Lola at
African parties. She was usually the first and last person on the dance
forward to 2012.

Temi came into town from DC, and of course we got
hungry! We decided we wanted some home cooked Nigerian food, and from
there arose another mission for Nigerian food. Temi suggested that we go
to Segilola’s and so he called her to let her know he was in town.

asked me to go with him, but of course I objected because she had made
fun of me years before. Eventually,
I decided to go after Temi and I had a little bit of guy talk. Of
course I can’t tell you all what we talked about because that would be
breaking the “guy code”.

We arrived at Lola’s and she was surprised that
I was with Temi coming to eat, but how could I pass up on a home cooked
meal, especially when it was Nigerian food!

food was GREAT! THAT WOMAN CAN COOK! We all talked and had a good time
just relaxing, talking, and laughing. The night came to an end, Temi and
I left after we stayed up until the sun came up talking with Lola.  After
that night, unlike before, Lola and I stayed in touch, and the rest is
history! Soon I will be marrying the woman of my dreams.

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