Wife sets hubby on fire after he caught her having sex with another Man

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A Malawian man attached to Malawi Revenue Service, is now battling for his life after he was set ablaze by his cheating wife.

The man who was on night shift (22hrs-06hrs), but still felt sick even
after he was treated in a clinic, came home to meet a strange car parked
in his house. Upon investigation, he found out that his wife was
sleeping with another man.

The cheating wife begged for forgiveness, but was asked to leave the
house peacefully. She then pointed out that it was late to leave, which
her husband considered.

However, the revenue officer who slept in the children’s bedroom, woke
up to a burning fire which almost claimed his life; as his wife was
determined to “bury” the incident which happened the previous day.

The lady has been arrested for arson and murder of the children that failed to survive the burning inferno.

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