Why use Chemicals to destroy your beautiful skin when you can go Natural with Frailisse Naturals…

Did you know that many of the cosmetic products you use today have harsh
chemicals – many of the products used in treating skin problems such as
acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks and so on, have side effects!
survey carried out by the National Institute of Occupational Safety
& Health studies found over 884 chemicals used in personal care
products and cosmetics as being toxic and estimates that women absorb up
to 2 kilograms of chemicals through toiletries and cosmetics alone over
the course of a year.

Over 700 of
them caused acute toxic affects and over 300 caused developmental
abnormalities, and this is because these chemicals may absorb into your
body and brain 3 times faster than water.

see, Nature has given us so many natural things we can use to treat all
these problems at a cheaper cost than all the cosmetic brands out

Why pay more money to destroy your skin when all you might need to treat your problem is right in your kitchen.

I thereby introduce to you Frailisse Naturals.

Frailisse Naturals was birthed in 2013 by Amina Babakura who is a huge fan of natural and organic products.

a Nigerian who currently resides in Toronto and presently studying
medicine in the international American university college of medicine.

foray into the business:

“There was a time in my life that I bought all
the fancy scrubs and cleansers from the department store and paid a
fortune for them. A few years ago I decided to give some of the homemade
versions a try and it worked just as well. So I started the business
and its booming well in Toronto today and I intend bringing it into
Nigeria as well”

Some of their top products:

have various types of face masks, made from clays, like bentonite,
rhassoul clay all very good for oily skin to draw out oil from the skin
and it’s very good for acne.

We have
exfoliators like sugar scrub which is made up of sugar, Epsom sugar,
baking soda, herbs of thyme, coriander, rosemary, kelp, turmeric, honey,
vitamin e, Shea butter, argan oil, black cumin, lemon grass and
essential oils. This scrub is great for acne.

We have bar soap also for acne skin, but majorly for dry skin, it is made up of tea tree, rosemary, lemongrass, essential oils.

have the luxury bar soap. This is for extra dry skin-extra moisture
-sensitive skin. It is made from coconut milk, argan oil, avocado oil,
Shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, vitamin E, organic oats and local honey.

also have our best selling product – the day and night cream; They are
made from cederwood,clary sage, lavender, tea tree, black cumin and

We have the turmeric fresh
face mask, perfect for glowing and smooth skin as well; it also helps
treat acne because of the antibacterial properties of the turmeric.

This mask is made with chickpea flour, turmeric, milk, honey or lemon.

also have body conditioner which helps to condition the body. It is
made from coconut milk, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil. It’s very
light, non greasy and very moisturizing.

We also carry a whole lot of different essential and carrier oils for wholesale and spa massage therapist.
You can read more on the natural skin care products here on Amina’s blog (HERE) and if you are interested in being a distributor, kindly contact Amina via [email protected]

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