Why I’ve been celibate for years- Born again singer, Lynxxx talks about life as a repented music star, his kind of woman and more

Lynxx has revealed that he has been celibate for a very long time even before he encountered the Holy Spirit. 

 According to him, he has managed to stay off the Baby mama drama which has become a norm in the industry by abstaining from sex.

The singer who just released an album talked about his music and life after he became born again, revealing how his life has impacted people around him and his fans.

On how transformation to real Christian, Lynxxx said: “It’s being great; it’s the only way to live. When you live a purpose, you never have to guess what you’re supposed to be doing and you have an understanding of life on a spiritual level. So you see things for what they are and what they are meant to be.”

On moving to Gospel music, he said “It made rounds but did you ever hear me say that? I never said it. My album is out, go listen to it. I don’t know where that came from. I’m not the first artist to make music and thank God for life. I don’t think people are getting the message.”

On the inspirational stuffs he posts on social media:  “I still do it. It’s not about my music being the gospel; it’s about my life being the gospel. If I am a gospel artist and I’m singing God this, God that and you don’t see it in my life, what benefit is that to you?”

On visiting clubs after transforming to born again:  “Just to be factual, me being born again doesn’t mean I can never go to club. I never said that. Let’s separate what it is from what the world wants it to be. I am not living for anybody, I am living for God. That is me saying once I know what my purpose is, I am living for that purpose. What is wrong with going clubbing? The problem is what you do in the club, what your choices are makes it right or wrong. I could be in my house and be doing worse things. People need to focus on the reality of things. And when you say picture surfaced that I was in the club, my dj, Dj Obi broke the world record for dj-ing for ten days and that’s where I was.”

On female fans: “I don’t play into it. As a man you are always going to find yourself in such situations. You can’t control actions, you can only control reactions.”

On his girlfriend: I refuse to answer that question… laughs.. Next time I come around we will talk about that.”

On his ideal woman:  “First of all, her relationship with God, her look at the world, goal oriented, she needs to know what she wants out of her life and not going as the wind blows. Someone I feel we can be friends as well as lovers. Someone who holds family dear and has good aspirations and accepts me for who I am and help me be better. I think I have advanced from that stage of me looking out for physical beauty. You can’t determine compatibility by physical looks.”

On baby mama trend: “Like I said, I know why am doing music, I know what am trying to achieve, that’s what matters to me and not the enemy of my achievement. I stay focused, because when your eyes are on the price it’s hard for you to see things at your side so I stay focused. There’s no babymama for Lynxx.”
I can’t lie to you, I don’t have any comment on this because am not them, am me and i’m only responsible for my action. You know what it takes to have baby, it’s ‘Sex’, so I think the question should be for those who have kids, I don’t have kids.

On being Celibate: “Yes, i’m saying that. I’m Celibate. For a while, for years per say.”

On his  favourite quote in the Bible: “I think the best for me that really just explains everything is John 3:16, it explains the Love of God (For God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him will get an eternal life and not perish) it’s that simple.
A lot of people say they believe God with their mouth and not with their heart and that’s the difference between a born and a normal Christian.”

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