Why Did You Worship At Your Church Today?

Truth time….Blessing time. Everyone has their reasons. And you know some people actually go to church because:

  • they don’t want their parents to be mad at them
  • to showcase their new outfit….
  • there is this lady/young man they always want to see..
  • it’s been a long time they went to church, so they just decided to go today to satisfy their conscience..
  • Something special happened during the week
  • There is a child dedication/ family thanksgiving/wedding 
  • they are the pastor/minister/deacon son/daughter, dating the pastor/minister/deacon son/daughter, so they must be there. 
  • to market their new products or get contacts for their business.
  • they just want to fulfill all righteousness
  • Sunday morning is always boring in their area, so they rather spend
    their time in church than their quiet boring street on a Sunday morning.
  •  they go to church so that their neighbors will see them as good people
  •  just to pray for their club to win
  •  because they love God and they want to worship him in truth and in spirit.

What are your own reasons? Or is church a waste of time?

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