Why Arsenal player Mesut Ozil rewarded a Kenyan boy with his jersey (Photos)

Arsenal player, Mesut Ozil has rewarded a Kenyan boy with his jersey after he saw what the boy did with a t-shirt.

The German’s attention was drawn to the kid after a man tweeted a picture of the boy herding cows while wearing a shirt with Ozil’s name written at the back with ink.

The man tweeted:

“I saw this kid today grazing in the streets of Nairobi – a city without really grass for cows. He told me he loves @MesutOzil1088 so much(You can see his shirt). Maybe one day this can reach Ozil and get a real @Arsenal shirt.”

Responding, Mesut Ozil tweeted:

“The picture of a Kenyan boy with a self made shirt on Twitter touched me so much. ??❤ And look at Lawrence now – it’s so heartwarming to see him and his brothers happy??? #SocialMediaPower ?? #HappyToAssist #Nairobi #M1Ö”


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