Whoop! Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie making first movie together in 9 years

Sizzling chemistry: The couple ignited sparks in their first movie which led to their enduring love affair and promise to do the same for their next project based on an original script that Angelina wrote

And Mrs. Smith 2?!’ Well not quite, but a new report does claim that one of
Hollywood’s hottest couples is getting ready to star in a movie together for
the first time in nearly a decade. 

Since falling in love nine years
ago on the set of Mr. And Mrs. SmithBrad Pitt ad Angelina Jolie have had a
fulfilling life together, but they’ve never tried to recapture that amazing
on-screen chemistry in another movie. Until now.

Compatible: Brad and Angelina played secret assassins who turn rogue after they fail to carry out assignments to kill the other; the new movie is described as 'set in Europe' and 'an exciting new venture' 
The engaged-to-be-married
couple is in early talks to star in a movie that Angelina has written herself, Deadline
reports. The production is still in the very early stages, but all signs
reportedly point to the movie being a done deal.

As for the plot of the movie, those details are still under wraps, so no word
on whether Brad and Angie will be co-starring as sexy assassins again, a
la Mr. And Mrs. Smith, or whether the movie will have a more
dramatic spin.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith is legendary, if only for the fact
that it brought Brad and Angelina together in 2005. After starring in the
steamy action movie, the two had their first child together a year later, and
they were engaged in April 2012.

Both stars have stayed busy —
Brad most recently produced and starred in 12 Years a Slave while
Angelina just wrapped her World War II tank movie, Fury 
but they’ve never reunited on screen to reignite that cinematic chemistry.

They’ve only teased the
possibility of doing another movie together. “We’re talking about it,” Angelina
slyly told E! in
2012. “We have an idea.”

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