When Toke Makinwa got into trouble for offering a not-so-very-good advise to women…

So hours ago, Toke Makinwa got into trouble with some Nigerians after advising Nigerian women to lie to their significant other about
their past abortions.
In a video posted to Wazobia FM’s Facebook
page, the OAP who doubles as a vlogger, responded to a question from a
female fan who asked if she should open up to the man she was dating
about her history of abortions. The fan said she had previously had an
abortion and that the man she was dating is pro-life (someone who hates

In her response, Toke Makinwa said, “Are you a
learner? When I read your email, I almost slapped you from my laptop.
How can you even think of confessing? You dey craze? Was he there? Was
he the doctor?

She added, “Do you like men that carry
prostitutes? Would he tell you if he carried a prostitute on Sanusi
Fafunwa street? Shine your eyes. Men feel as if they can handle the
truth but if you tell him that’s the last time, he’s ever going to call
your phone.

“My response to that is hell no! Deny like your life depends on it. LIE! After all he wasn’t there.”

by the response the video got on social media, many Nigerians were
upset that Toke Makinwa who recently reconciled with her husband after
he had a child with an ex-girlfriend would give such advise.

Here are some feedback, Toke received:

Temitope Adeyinka: U are pointless dear , if ur past now call back in
ur future is it then u will now open up? Is better to let him know ur
past, if he still want you then fine, if not the move on. A guy or lady
that cannot handle ur past is not really in love with you. If u open up
after marriage that’s d end of d home. Imagine, u guys didn’t have baby
on time and medical report shows or ur doctors ask u to be sincere to
know where d problem lies will you still deny it. Toke makiwa please,
don’t mislead people in ur advice.

Prince Kel [email protected] Jim Smith: Nne
any woman dat can hide such to her lover is Evil! Secondly my woman can
use my phone but not without my consent. In a relationship, you have to
be humble and respect each oda!

Cyprain Nwafor: Lamest blog ever
seen.. I jst wasted my mb watching dis.. U tink men are lik women. Wen a
man truly loves u.. Even if u had no womb he is gonna stick wit u.. Its
beta u tell him dan for him to find out by himself.. Dats wer d real
problem is… So miss pancake face.. Do ur research well and stop basing
facts on ur failed relationships…

Enakireru Governor Franklin:
Toke am amazed at Ur statement and on this one i totally disagree with
u.. How can u give such advice knowing dat it can or will curse a whole
lot of problems in the nearest future . and that one reason why guys of
2day will insists that a lady should get pregnant first b4 anything is
done in the area of marriage.. Goshhh wat kind of inhuman advice is this
for heaven sake

Cyprain Nwafor Chinazor: Yes its ur past.. Bt
hav u hrd abt d past coming to taunt and haunt d future?.. Its not a
story tale.. It happens.. To avoid dat is to open up to ur guy.. Even d
guy too must open up to u.. U guys hav to deal wit d ugly past or else..
I reserve my comment

Chinese Gold Omoye: Really I don’ t like to
comment but I just have to say my mind(sharing your past wit a guy
means u love him. den it’s left for him, if he love u his always be
there for u think about if your ex is his best friend, u never knew
while. for d phone my dear never u go through his phone without his
consent,a phone call can destroy your home)Be wise

Marcelinius: Valentine You are the one that is misleading all this
ladies…if u don’t have good advise stop posting here… How will someone
have an abortion and wouldn’t tell d man he getting married u knw
the later repercussions…. Pls arise and don’t mislead. sharp babe

Upright Pious Lofty: Unacceptable Disgraceful ungodly, Toke you got that all wrong and I’m gonna slap you for this! Onisokuso

Wilfred Leonard: Bad market for you. E go hard you to get husband because you still see relationship as a game people play

Davis Khalifa: Sorry 4 de man dat wil call u wife

Rouven Niedermann: Oh you tell her to lie?!? If he finds out that she lied its more worst !!!!

In support of Toke

Am Taken said: Do men tell ladies all the bad things they do?
Am not a bad girl, but if I ever make a silly mistake (God forbid) I ain’t telling no man unless he’s a true Christian.

What if he uses it against you later?

Kfbers, do you agree with Toke?


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