What Obasanjo, Jonathan, Adeboye and Oyedepo ‘discussed’ last Monday

culled from The Cable
  TRENDING: What Obasanjo, Jonathan, Adeboye and Oyedepo ‘discussed’ on Monday

Last Monday evening, President
Goodluck Jonathan finally had a one-on-one meeting with former President
Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta, Ogun state. 
In attendance were two prominent
pastors – Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and David
Oyedepo of the Living Faith Ministry. 
Nature abhors vacuum. In the absence of a
post-meeting press briefing or “communique”, Nigerians were left wondering what
the meeting was about.

Some reporters quickly guessed that Jonathan came to beg
Obasanjo to campaign for his re-election bid, after Obasanjo had persistently
attacked him in the media for two years.

The All Progressives Congress (APC)
machinery, known for its super-active presence on social media, quickly did its
own construction of what was discussed. In a matter of minutes, it started
trending on social media. 
The “authoritative” apocryphal message being
circulated is: Questions from Obj at the mother of all meetings with Jonathan
witnessed by Papa Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo. Matters arising: Tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth 
Did u agree to run for only one term
or not? 
What did u tell me was ur reason for not going after Boko haram
insurgents even when I told u this will boomerang? 
What happened to the
Nigeria’s external reserve and sovereign wealth fund? 
Did u give licence to
Niger Delta Militants (Dokubo and Toompolo) to import arms in the name of their
privately owned companies? If so, for what reason? 
Did you not get
correspondence from the United States consulate that a certain citizen named
Buruji Kashamu is indicted for Drug trafficking? 
Why did u appoint the same
Kashamu as South West leader of PDP rather than hand him over to the US? 
did the PDP give automatic senate ticket to a wanted and convicted drug baron?
Stay tuned! 
Brother Jeronathan no gree answer and the clergies seated no fit
help him,naim case closed” all readers must share pls Not to be outdone,
Jonathan’s supporters – who are obviously playing catch-up – constructed their
own message from the meeting and began to circulate it. It said: 10 ‎​questions
GEJ at the mother of all meetings with OBJ, witnessed by Papa Adeboye and
Bishop Oyedepo. Matters arising: Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth. 
 Did you or did you not admit to me that you knew Yar Adua was
terminally ill and that he would die in office? 
Did you not promise that I have
all of your backing, until I discovered that you were aiding and abetting
sabotage against my government? 
Why did you say “genocide and human rights my
That I must go and totally wipe out the entire areas affected by the
boko haram, irrespective of the civilian population in those areas, adding that
it was being used as a political weapon by the northern power block to come
back to power? 
Why did you ask me to forget about the constitution and enforce
a “total state of emergency?”
 Did you not insist that I drop Sambo for Sule
Lamido as a condition for your support? 
Did you not or did you not advise that
I stop the IPPIS and Aquila which have been used to flush out ghost workers
from the civil service, adding that it was going to “frustrate” the boys and
turn them against me? 
Did you not tell me that this country, whether we like it
or not, belongs to those people, and that all the expiring oil licenses must be
put before them on the table again without any conditions? 
How many times did
you call me “you this Ijaw boy?” 
And then you will say “you think you can
transform Nigeria by building railways and reviving agriculture abi?” 
Why did
you call me to express your displeasure over the exposure of Buhari’s
educational background and arranged ascendancy in the military? 
That was when
you assured me that Buhari was also terminally ill with very bad prostrate cancer
and that you have it on good authority that he won’t make it for much longer? 
But you severally assured me that you’d give me a free hand to run the
government, not so?

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