What major lessons did you learn from 2016? | I learnt 23 things

Some of the major lessons I learnt this year:
1. No one else will treat your business with utmost priority like you would.
2. Not all relationships will be cordial forever, some will grow cold eventually.

3. Humans will always let you down. Do not always count on people rather count on God
4. A day without studying the word of God will lead to a few days and
then weeks and then months, till you become spiritually weak. Thus, no
matter how busy your day is, find time to at least study your Bible.
5. Be diligent at your place of work but also start and grow your own
business so you can have something to fall back on when you lose your
6. Promote your business on social media
7. Do not let anyone take you for granted but be humble, be a silent achiever.
8. Be genuinely happy for others even when you are still trusting God for that kind of miracle
9. You don’t know it all, ask questions, ask for help, develop
yourself. When one method is not working, try something else till you
eventually get it.
10. Admire but don’t compare your ‘growth game’ with that of others, your own time of testimony is coming
11. The more time, money and effort you give to God, the more you get from him.
12. God’s connection is better than every other human connection, but still grow your network with people.
13. Not everyone will like you, no matter how hard you try. Not everyone is worth being your friend.
14. Don’t get offended when people don’t check up on you, yup,
everyone has got issues they are worrying about than to have you always
in mind.
15. You really don’t need everyone but you will always
need people, so be polite to everyone. More importantly, be respectful
to anyone that is older than you, even when you are bigger or better
than ’em.
16. Say Thankyou and not ‘tnks’, say Okay and not KK. Use ‘Sir’, ‘Ma’.
17. Laugh, joke, cry, dance, meditate, take photos/short videos of precious moments, pray always!
18. Someone is always watching/studying you or monitoring what you do. Be good always.
19. Do not look down on anyone, ever!
20. You don’t have to buy what you can’t afford to impress others (no
one cares) but if you can afford it, go for it, after all it is your
money, you owe no one any explanation.
21. Have your personal savings.
22. It is okay to get discouraged once a while but get back on track asap
23. Cut off any relationship that doesn’t make you a better person
….What lessons did you learn this year?
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