What GEJ told the Nollywood entertainers at the Closed Door meeting on Saturday

On Saturday, President Goodluck Jonathan met with the Nollywood
practitioners and the details of what they discussed have emerged.

The closed door meeting held late night at the State House, Marina,
Lagos and the purpose of the meeting was to get the unwavering support
of the industry.

Media personality, Joseph Benjamin who was late for the meeting says he couldn’t seat in but he was fully informed about the proceedings.

“The creative industry was well represented. Mr President at the
meeting pledged his commitment towards creating a more enabling
environment for Nigerians. He said his administration is poised to
surpass all current achievements seeing that a lot of issues were

They spoke on behalf of the people, and as pictured here, I was
telling Mr. President I was held up in traffic, and I had a lot of
issues I wanted to raise seeing the platform had been made available.

Nigerians one thing, I know for sure is that our great country
will stand and the will of God shall be established. The forth coming
elections unlike ever before, has gotten the attention and participation
of the people, we are more concerned about the future of our country
especially as it affects our generation and the ones to come.

We should shun violence, and exercise our civil rights by
charting a course for our country through our votes. The world at large
have their gaze on us, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited
Nigeria recently to have a meeting with both Presidential candidates.

His mission was to make them see the need to uphold peace and see
to it that we fight for Posterity. We need to be united and have a
common goal, which is the overall stability of our great nation.”


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