Wedding Saga Continues! Pastor Kumuyi Speaks On Non-Essential Church Traditions

Watch Video HERE

This is a video of Pastor GF Kumuyi the founder of Deeper Life Bible
Church addressing members of the church in the United States about what
church traditions are essential, and which are not. He uses personal
anecdotes and bible passages to buttress his point that some traditions
should be allowed to pass away so that latter day revelations can be
used to build the church.
Watch Video HERE
A commenter on my last post
about Love Odih and John Kumuyi’s wedding brought the video to my notice! Let’s be clear that the couple are not the focus of
my posts, but the wedding arrangements especially the bride’s dressing
viz a viz the reaction of several Deeper Life members.
Some church members from their comments on this blog, here,   here and here,
are clearly confused, some heart-broken and others angry for them or
their friends and relatives being deprived a similarly joyous outlook to
their weddings. So this post is to help such people come to a place
where they can have peace and resolution about the matter.
On a final note;

Traditions will hinder revelation. In essentials we are united,in non-essentials there is liberty – W.F.KUMUYI.

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