Wedding party 2 Arabian themed premiere: Nigerians drag Nollywood queens for their Indian costumes!

The world grand premiere of the wedding party 2
is already history but from the look of things, we might not be hearing
the last of this premiere soon no thanks to the fact that it was a
themed event.

According to reports, the memo on the invite clearly stated that
guests were to appear in Arabian costumes, as a way of bringing Dubai
where the morning or was shot to Nigeria.
more than half of the women in Nollywood became Bollywood queens last
night all looking like the Sunitas and the Samiras in Indian movies.

This gave credence to the question that arose during and after the event “Are Indians Arabs”?
With these questions, answers followed and Nigerians quickly blasted the celebrities who attended the event styled like Indians.

Some out rightly mentioned names like the name of Nollywood icon
Omotola Jalade who actually looked like Mother Indian to the event,
another name mentioned was Toke Makinwa who was Sunita’s replica!
The stars and their stylists were blamed for this epic fail… “Google could have solved this!” the stars were reminded!

Check out some of the funny comments here… What do you think? Indian or Arab?

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