“We your ‘Parents are analogue people while you are digitial” – Goodluck Jonathan’s advice to his newly wed daughter

President Goodluck Jonathan got everyone smiling while giving out his ‘daddy’ speech at his daughter’s wedding on Saturday!

Speaking at the wedding reception at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, GEJ admonished the couple not to always run to their parents – them – for everything!
See his concise speech below:

My advice is that, today is a very special day we are all smiling and
dancing but also note that there will be periods when the relationship
will not work smoothly. That is a part of the life of husband and wife.”
is no couple that will not have some moments when their faces will not
be too bright, but it depends on how you reach out and really find time
to understand themselves. And we pray that you have a really happy
married life and we will continue to pray for you as your parents.”
duties as parents is to continue to pray for you, to encourage you and
if there are some issues you feel we can solve, you can tell us. But
don’t depend on your parents to solve your matrimonial problems. If you
have disagreement with your husband…., don’t always run to parents or
get advice of your mother or father, sometimes, they will not give you
the best advice. Because your parents are analogue people while you are
digital generation.”

we don’t belong to the same generation and so don’t expect us to give
you the advice of the modern way of life. But we will encourage you to
succeed,” he added.

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