“We WAITED till our wedding night and we’re LOVIN it” – Bukki and Sheun David-Onamusi

Found this beautiful love story – on WAITING AND LOVIN IT BLOG – of a couple ( Bukki and Sheun David-Onamusi ) that waited till their wedding night – how they
overcame the challenges etc… and decided to share with you all, enjoy!
Hiya Bukki and Sheun, thanks a lot
for being a part of the blog today, it’s great to have you on the ‘love’
seat :-). Could you kindly introduce yourselves please?

Thank you! We are Sheun & Bukki David-Onamusi and we have been married for over 18months now 🙂

We love life and we love people. We are passionate followers of Christ
and are determined to make a tremendous impact on the face of the earth.
We have a heart for young people, having said that we are young people
ourselves lol. We enjoy playing Badminton, eating out, watching stage
plays and meeting new people.
That’s lovely! I like the way you respond as a unit ‘we’ :-D. Could you tell us how you both met?

Bukki: We met at a friend’s birthday party where a
mutual friend introduced me to Sheun for him to give me a ride home as I
had no way of getting home.

Sheun: We met at a mutual friend’s get-together, I gave her a ride home.
Lol.. Ok, thank God for rides home.
So after the ride, what next? What was the attraction that made you want
to marry each other?

Bukki, please say you’ll be my wife 🙂
Sheun: We had great and meaningful conversations.

Bukki: He was funny and light-hearted and struck me as a focused young man.

We both got along very well and we had convictions from God that we were right for each other.

Beautiful. Now for the main question, what made you both make the decision to wait?

We did because we knew it was the right thing to do as Christians, as we had an understanding that sex is a gift from God. Sex is God’s idea not Hollywood’s idea.
However, sex only glorifies God and was created by God SOLELY for the
context of marriage between a man and a woman. Sex outside of marriage
was not God’s intent and is a perversion of God’s original intent so we
looked to God knowing this could only be achieved by His Grace and by
His Spirit that lives in us. 
We knew that we could only achieve the decision to wait by God’s grace
so we never looked to our self-will to make it happen from the get-go.
There were times it got difficult because we were very attracted to each
other and cared deeply for one another but we both had each other’s
backs at the same time by being the stronger person when the other
person was feeling vulnerable. 
                      We had each other’s backs, we have each other’s backs..                        
That’s the thing, sometimes people
know it’s the right thing to do but doing it is what may be seen as
challenging. How did you both make it work?
We had boundaries we put in place to further help protect our decision such as not indulging in French kissing
during our courtship…. French kissing stimulates one’s sexual desire
and we did not think it would be wise to indulge in it if we wanted to
maintain sexual purity and even though this decision proved very tough
we were able to stick with it by God’s grace.
We were tempted many times! Lol! These boundaries helped us a lot,
however it was ultimately our reliance on God’s grace and our tenacity
to stick to our decision to glorify God that saw us through. 
Thank God for His grace indeed! Thank you so much for being real. Do you have any last nuggets for us?

We would say, don’t indulge in stolen waters. It is worth the wait when
you do it God’s way. Sex is God’s gift to us and in marriage you enjoy
it so much and will get to do it as much as you want till you are tired
even LOL! God rewards openly what we do and who we are in secret. The
best part is this, God is not expecting you to do it on your own or in
your strength, His strength is made perfect in our weakness and it is
through Him alone that you can do it so rest in that. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Word! That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing with us today… At this point, I think it would be great to give you some ‘you’ moments.. Any ‘last’ words to each other? 
“Seanie Bunny, you are God’s gift to me and I could not have asked
for a better partner to do life with. You inspire me every day and I
love you to the moon and back!”


“Bukki Pie, God flattered me when He sent you my way and I keep
falling in love with you day by day as you show me different sides of
the amazing woman you are and continue to become.”
Marriage to us is: Growth, Companionship and Synergy!
Bukki and Sheun are committed to living for God, spreading His love
and inspiring other young people to be the best and live a purposeful
life. It’s truly wonderful to see the passion with which they do it. You can read more on the WAITING AND LOVIN it series (HERE)


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