We settle arguments over a cup of tea — Oyinbo Princess’ husband

The Eduns
British actress and entertainer,
Oyinbo Princess, has been married to a Nigerian, Olumide Edun, for four
years. They share their love story below with punch .

How did you meet your husband?
Oyinbo Princess: I met
my husband in 2009. One weekend, I planned to visit a friend who was
dating a Nigerian. She informed me that her boyfriend would be visiting
her, so I asked if he could visit in company with a friend of his, so I
wouldn’t feel like the odd one out. Since I got on well with her
boyfriend, it seemed like a good idea and I did not think of dating his
friend at that time. From the second I met him, I felt a connection. His
pleasant manners, interest in my person, his kind and caring ways swept
me off my feet. It was such a good feeling to have someone become
passionate about me and as time passed, I knew he was the one for me.
Was that when you made up your mind to get married to him?
Oyinbo Princess: I did
not know I would get married to him. We started off  by dating;  we used
to spend time at each other’s house and that way, we got to know each
How did the relationship develop?
Olumide: When you spend
time with someone, you begin to like them and you become convinced that
you are doing the right thing because you are with the right person.
Over time, we got to know each other better and that helped to mould the
love we felt for each other.
What were the initial attractions?
Olumide: It was her
personality and beauty. We felt a connection to each other  right from
the first day we met. She is a likeable person.
How long did you date for?
Oyinbo Princess: We started dating in 2009 and we got married in 2012.
How did he propose to you?
Oyinbo Princess: He
prepared one of my favourite Nigerian dishes and asked me not to enter
the kitchen. He brought the food to me and when I wanted to eat, I saw a
ring in the food. I caught him staring at me  and when I looked up to
ask how the ring got into the food, he asked me to marry him. I replied
in the affirmative. Afterwards, we went for a celebratory dinner.
At what point did you decide to marry her?
Olumide: From the
outset because the relationship was completely different from the others
we had both experienced in the past. She was not the first woman I
would date, but I knew she was special. I had the idea from the outset
but over time, I became convinced  and I knew it was the right thing to
Have you always wanted to marry a Nigerian?
Oyinbo Princess: I had
always liked Nigeria, even before I met my husband. I worked with an
airline  and it was one of the places we  flew to. I already had so much
passion for Nigeria and I could speak pidgin English. When I met my
husband, I perceived all that knowledge would benefit our relationship.
What is the most challenging thing about marrying someone from a different nationality and culture?
Oyinbo Princess: When
we decided to get married, he made up his mind to live in the United
Kingdom and holiday in Nigeria. Also, there were little cultural
differences; things we took for granted in the UK meant a lot to
Nigerians. I tried very hard to understand and embrace the culture .
Olumide: The
differences in our cultures are  a bit challenging. Nevertheless, we
have an understanding and by chance, our parents are very liberal and
How have you succeeded in staying married despite the high rate of divorce among married couples?
Oyinbo princess: Every
marriage is not rosy. It also has thorns which are painful.
Notwithstanding, the rose is also colourful and that is quite consoling.
African men are known to marry  Europeans in order to regularise their immigration status.
Olumide: It is still a
trend. They get married to get their papers and afterwards, move on with
their lives. When you meet someone and fall in love, it should not be
about what you stand to gain from it. Marriage should always be about
your feelings for your partner .
Did it occur to you that he might break your heart?
Oyinbo Princess: It did
and I had to ask myself how we got this far without any major issues. I
believe in God and I am certain we met for the right reasons. We love
each other.
How often do you have misunderstandings?
Oyinbo Princess: It
happens all the time. However, we are good friends and usually do not
fall out. It depends on how you are able to manage it but sometimes we
just make up with the silence or one person just says sorry.
Did your family oppose your decision to get married to someone who is of a different nationality?
Oyinbo Princess: My
family was very supportive and they have always supported everything
that would make me happy. In my family, the colour of one’s skin and
background does not matter. What matters is  the person’s personality.
Olumide: Not really. I
come from a home where everyone is open minded and I never thought it
would be an issue. It never crossed my mind. She was accepted by my
family from the first day. We met each other’s parents before we got
married and there was no problem.
Which Nigerian meals do you prepare for your husband?
Oyinbo Princess: I cook egusi, banga, ogbono and ewedu soups. I also make amala, eba and fried rice.
How do you manage being a celebrity and a married woman?
Oyinbo Princess: I keep
my personal life private and separate from my business life. I am a
normal person with normal struggles and I live a normal life with my
husband. I do not give out too much personal information when I do
business. While I work, I also consider my family life and vice versa.
How do you cope when she is out of towm?
Olumide: As a man, I
may not be able to do much. Sometimes, I invite my friends over and we
play football or FIFA games. When I have some time off work,  I travel
with her.
How do you deal with her fans?
Olumide: Everyone has
fans and  I have mine too. As a result of her job, people recognise her
all the time and express their support. It is a normal thing.
How does she get on your nerves sometimes?
Olumide: Sometimes, she
asks the same thing over and over again. It is not something major, but
she always likes to get her answers instantly. Most times, our
arguments are over things that do not affect us directly such as
politics, but we settle them over a cup of tea.
How do you make up after disagreeing?
Olumide: One way or another we have our way of making up. We live in the same house and the apologies can come from either party.
What would be your advice to married celebrities?
Oyinbo Princess: They
should carry their partners along and always involve them in everything
they do; that is how to get them to support what they do. They have to
come to a mutual understanding. Their partners and personal lives should
come first and every other thing  should be secondary. Business comes
and goes but they must consider who they are spending the rest of their
lives with. They have to be straightforward also.
What would be your advice to celebrities’ spouses?
Olumide: It depends on
what the celebrity does. It is a tough world. They should support their
partner, be there for them and help them achieve their dreams. For
intending couples, they should ensure they marry the right person.
What pet names do you call each other?
Olumide: We call ourselves Boo, Baby, Darling or Love.
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