Uti Nwanchukwu wades into the ‘Jay Z versus Solange fight’

Who agrees with Uti’s tweet?!

Meanwhile, kudos to Jay Z for not hitting Solange back. I wonder how he managed to stay calm and not hit her back.
The trending video starts off with them – Jay Z, Solange, Beyonce, and maybe a
bodyguard – walking into the elevator and Solange yelling at Jay Z. Then she
starts kicking and punching him. And although the other guys does hold her, she
still manages to make contact with her feet and fist. At one time, Jay Z even
holds her leg (to stop it from kicking him). The entire time, Beyonce is
standing there until she kind of gets in between them and then bends down to —
I guess pick up Solange’s shoe(s) or something. So I have so many questions:

1. What did Jay Z do to Solange to get that reaction from
2. Why did Beyonce not stop it?
3. Has this happened before?
4. How did Jay Z manage to stay calm and not fight back?
It may not be a popular opinion, but I really do think that Jay Z should be
given a standing ovation for not getting physical with Solange. Now, I don’t
know what Jay Z said or did to her to make her feel that way, but I still stand
by the fact that whether you are a man, a woman, a child, or an animal, when
you get physical with someone, you just have to be ready for the person’s
reaction – whatever it might be.
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