US based couple died of generator fume, not food poisoning by brother – Doctor

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A few days ago, news went viral of a US based Liberian couple allegedly killed by the husband’s brother. However, it has now been revealed that Lawrence and Shelly Gross died
of asphyxiation and Carbon Monoxide in their home in Monrovia.
Dr. Christopher Chinedu Obiorah, an  Nigerian Anatomical Pathologist
said he discovered that their remains had swollen brains which is
consistent with carbon monoxide inhalation. The report published by
Front Page Africa reads
‘Poisonous Gas’ Theory

Ruling out food poisoning and witchcraft, FrontPageAfrica has
authoritatively gathered from family and investigative sources that the
death of the couple was a result from asphyxiation, secondary to carbon
Family source informed FrontPageAfrica that they were informed by the
Dr. Christopher Chinedu Obiorah, an Anatomical Pathologist from Nigeria,
who conducted autopsy on the remains of Lawrence and Shelly Gross that
he discovered that their remains had swollen brains which is consistent
with carbon monoxide inhalation..

Poisonous Gas’ Theory

Corroborating the preliminary autopsy report, FrontPage Africa also
gathered from Police sources that a 1.5 KVA Ruina gasoline generator was
placed in the garage of house to provide electricity for an air
condition that was being installed in the guest room of the house where
the Gross stayed.
According to our Police source, the garage in which the generator was
placed did not have an opening for the smoke to exit; as a result the
smoke circulated in the house.
“The poisonous gas was concentrated in the deceased room which faced
directly across the hallway where the inner door to the garage is
“The house’s windows too are air tight so ventilation was very poor in
the house. You see, the thing about carbon monoxide is that it is
odorless, tasteless and colorless.
It is very difficult to detect and it’s very dangerous. The sad thing
was that there was no exhaust pipe connected to the generator for the
smoke to exit the building,” the Police source who preferred anonymity
told FrontPage Africa.

Peace Mediation Between Gross’s family

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Col. Gregory Coleman,
has mediated a peace talk between Shelly and Lawrence’s families.
Police Spokesman, Sam Collins told FrontPage Africa that in a meeting
held on Monday, January 2, both families met with the IGP at the Police
Headquarters on Capitol Hill to settle contentions between the two
Shelly’s family delegation as led by Mr. Martin Kerkula, who is also the
deputy director of the Center for National Documents and Records Agency
(CNDRA) while Lawrence’s family was presented by Mr. Sano Wayne, a
former deputy minister at Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
According to Collins, a 10-man delegation was formed with five members
each from both families to sort out differences with the other.
“Both families have been trading accusations but the IG has advised them
to go back, hold a meeting among themselves and make peace with each
other,” Collins said.
According to him, the families have been indecisive whether to bury the
couple in Liberia or be flown to the United States where their children
Collins said while the IG has asked them to come to common ground on the
decision, he has offered to provide Police escort, band and protection
should the funeral be held in Liberia.
Collins could not comment on the preliminary autopsy report which points
to carbon monoxide inhalation, but confirmed that the autopsy was
conducted at the St. Moses Funeral Home on the Somalia Drive. He said
the Nigerian Pathologist has already flown back to Nigeria and has not
yet conclude the report.
“The Police, in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice would inform
the public on the cause of death as soon as it receives the report on
the autopsy”, Collins averred.


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