Update on Iker Casillas’ health after heart attack (Photos)

37-year-old Porto Goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, who had a heart attack last week has reportedly been discharged from hospital.

The incident happened during Porto training on the morning of Wednesday, May 1, after which he was rushed to hospital where he was brought into a stable condition.

Upon leaving Porto hospital today following a series of positives tests, Casillas told reporters: ‘I don’t know what my future holds but the most important thing is being here today. I’m feeling a lot better, I’ll be resting for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months

‘It’s something that could happen in life at any point to any person and it happened to me and here we are. It’s difficult to talk right how but I’m very grateful because I have been very lucky.

‘The support I’ve had in these last few days has made me really loved and you have to find a smile at these moments in time. I think I’m going to find it because seeing so many people here today makes me feel very emotional.

‘I want to thank the hospital and the head of Porto’s medical services Doctor Nelson and the cardiologist Joao Carlos Silva and all the people in Porto who made sure I got to hospital quickly to reduce the effect of the heart attack I suffered.

‘I would also like to thank the thousands of people who showed their support on social media through videos and messages and in different spheres of football’

‘I feel a lot better now. I’ll be resting for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. The truth is I don’t know how long it will be and I don’t care. The most important thing is being here today.

‘It’s been a few days but we had to wait till my heart settled down and my body and head settled down. I’m feeling emotional but I’m feeling good. I can talk about it as you can see. Many thanks once again for everything.’

The football legend was pictured leaving the hospital with his partner, Sara Carbonero.

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