Uber driver drops couple at airport, returns to rob their home

A man who robbed the home of a couple has been identified as the Uber driver who drove them to the airport on the day he robbed their home.

The man identified as Jackie-Gordon Wilson, picked up the couple from their home in San Mateo and drove them off to the San Francisco airport. He later returned to their home and tried to burglarize it.

An officer of the San Mateo police said, “He then came back to that exact house and tried to burglarize it.”

The alarm system later made the Uber driver flee the home after it stared him.

The couple who only wanted to be identified as Scott and Chana reportedly said: “He tore apart the whole house, tossed everything, every piece of furniture moved. He opened my safe.”

“There are heirlooms that belong to my grandmother, that go back all the way to the Holocaust. For him that was just something to pawn off. To me that was the memory of my grandmother,” explained the wife.

The suspect was not aware he was being recorded by a security camera whose video was used to identify him.

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