#Twinterview Series: “We Organize seminars for wreckless worshippers” – Joe Praize

By Ajibike O.
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Watching television can really get boring especially when sometimes there isn’t really anything ‘useful’ to focus your gaze on but on this special day, I was scrolling through the different TV channels looking for what I could feed my eyes with when I stumbled upon one showing a musical video about a guy who had it rough.
I started when he was gathering clothes to sell and how people didn’t even appreciate what he had to offer. Hmm, I said? What could this be about? So my hands stopped working on the remote.
Then, the next thing I saw was the guy holding an Ipad, inside a studio and then a large crowd. ‘’ah ahn’’ What’s happening here I said to myself? I couldn’t complete the video for some reasons though.
Some other day, I stumbled upon the musical video again and I fell in love with the music!

I finally got to know who he artiste was – Joe Praize and the song was titled All The Praise. Immediately I had this ‘likeness’ for the song and decided to loom for it.
I also remember always meeting the song halfway and never finishing it for whatsoever reason, and because of that, I got endeared to it. I searched all over but couldn’t get the song then one day, I stumbled upon the song again and this time, I became relentless in my effort to get the song and my efforts finally paid off! I got the song and I was super excited. I decided to follow on Twitter and I got a wind of Greta and Mighty God. I saw people really commenting on this particular song and I decided to get the song.

The intro of the song wowed me and that day, the song was on repeat till I took out my headphones. I was simply amazed. ‘’who is this guy I asked myself?” I must meet him said I, silently to myself and as usual, my research journalistic skills sprung into practice.
I was able to contact him and when I told him about conducting a Twitter Interview with him, he loved the idea. I was so overwhelmed with the fact that he is a great person and is very appreciative. He actually said few lines of prayers and this made me appreciate him more.

We were able to secure a date for the Twinterview and to God be the glory, it was a huge success. I was simply humbled by the fact that he decided to release a song during the Twinterview because of the love he was receiving. Below is the actual Twinterview. See how God lifts up people who are nothing and sets them on places where they never imagined. Enjoy:

Jaibbikay: Let the Twinterview with Joe Praize begin!!!! The very first question is… What is your full name???
Joe Praize:  Joseph Omo Ebhodaghe
Jaibbikay:  What state are you from and what is your DOB???
Joe Praize: Edo state of Zion. June 20th
Jaibbikay: So please tell us about your educational background?
Joe Praize: I’m a social doctor, a change agent … Studied social work and adminstration both Dip and Bsc from the lasu n Unijos
Jaibbikay: Hmmm, change agent; social doctor. Ok na! Can u please elaborate?
Joe Praize: as a social worker, we r trained professionally 2 apply certain principles in handling cases of people which we refer to as client
Jaibbikay: How did you come about your name?
Joe Praize: Joe Praize as a name was borne out of a lifestyle, I just heard him call me that name
JAibbikay: So basically Joe Praize’s lifestyle is about praise. since when have you been singing? How did it start?
Joe Praize: I started singing long ago, but professionally 2004
Jaibbikay: So Joe Praize has been singing professionally for 10 years. Congrats bro. So tell us, what were the initial challenges faced?
Joe Praize: challenges are for important people u know… One of my unique challenges wasn’t finance or any other stuff but funny people. There are people who believe everything about a certain phenomenon points on them.
Jaibbikay: So how was growing up for you like? I happen to like ALL THE PRAISE and it says it’s a true story…
Joe Praize: we find it in the scriptures though, it says God raises the poor out of the dust and set him up high… LIFTED; that’s the story … That’s y I sang ALL THE PRAISE.
Jaibbikay: So what else are you into apart from Music?
Joe Praize: I always tell media personnel and everyone who ask, music is NOT a small thing ooo… I do music Actively and not passively
Jaibbikay: so are we safe to say that you are 100% into ACTIVE gospel music?
Joe Praize: very correct; you know when u say gospel, we mean good news So we are into several other things but all tied to d person Joe Praize
Jaibbikay: Please can you share with us the ‘several other things
Joe Praize: philanthropy, ministering to people apart from doing that thru music seminars for reckless worshipers of God the father. people who don’t feel ashamed to throw their hands in the air in worship at anytime are RECKLESS WORSHIPPERS; those who don’t mind to fall down flat before the Alpha Omega to thank Him for who He is are reckless worshippers; those who after worshipping, take an offering or seed (money) and put on the altar to say Lord I just want to thank You sir.

Joe Praize has a company called COAST TO COAST that is fully set for quality music for the spirit soul and body. Other people also had the opportunity to interact and ask him questions that they had on their minds and some asked questions like his memorable moment and he said ‘’ leading worship and praise in meeting with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome where thousands of great men and women were gathered. When asked if he had a plan B and he said when you are sent by God, you don’t need one.

He also told us about his latest single LIFTED.’’ LIFTED  is a brand new single we just released from the COAST TO COAST studio, it’s a song given to me by God himself to give to y’all. I did the LIFTED song from a point where I asked myself several questions, and all I hear God say was LIFTED’’.

Joe has 2 great albums to his credit (My Praise and All The Praise) and has been opportune to minister in countries like South Africa, UK and a host of others. He has also won numerous awards and is living his life as God wills. He says Jesus is his inspiration and has never regretted for once his decision to follow God.

His story is purely one of grace and what God can do to people who are ready to follow his leading.

Make sure you go and go and listen to ‘My Love Song” which he magnanimously decided to give to us as a gift.

May God lift you HIGHER!!! Shalom.

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