Twinterview: Nikki Laoye is ‘physically petite but spiritually mighty’

By Ajibike O.

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Am back again!!!!!! Hope I wasn’t missed sooo much.  Anywaiz, am grateful
to God for giving me the opportunity to do this again and
this time its with one very hyperactive gospel artiste. (Repping the
gospel all
the way!) I actually knew about her a while ago when I was watching One
and her song was the song representing West Africa.
 A very soul-lifting tune
which can make you fall in love with God and whoever you want to. So I came
across the song again when my dearest DJ Mordu started jamming another dancey track on Praise Jam. Then I was listening to the radio with
my mum and I heard her being interviewed and how she spoke passionately about
her songs and I decided to see the possibility of bringing her on Praise Jam.
So I tried reaching out and thankfully, I get a really cool response almost
close to the day of the interview. 
Aunty even came ‘very early’ for the
interview and we weren’t able to cover much, but the time was utilized very well.
I had already done my research before her arrival and was amazed at how
passionate a human being can be. She has done soo much and just seems to be
‘everywhere’; she s very eclectic – In her words, really intelligent, lover of
God and a humanitarian. Ok, lemme break the silence as you are already
wondering who this Super star is. 

Her name Is Mrs. Nikki Laoye-Uturu
(Physically petite but Spiritually Mighty) I hope I don’t get beaten after
this. 😀 Anywaiz, was able to secure a Twinterview with her so let’s get to
hear it all from the 123 crooner, Enjoy!!!


Jaibikay: Please
tell us about you, date of birth.
Nikki: My full name is Oyenike Olufunmilayo Samantha Helen
Laoye A mouthful abi..LOL! DOB: 19th of December,1980.
Jaibikay: Okies,
oya tell us about your educational histories.
Nikki: Primary School was Grace Children School, Gbagada
Lagos; Secondary School: FGGC Sagamu ; 
University Of Ibadan. 
JAibikay: so what
did you study in school and when did you graduate?
Nikki: I studied Computer science, majored in Graphics &
Design; Graduated in 2004. Chai! Finished Uni 10yrs ago
Jaibikay: woow!
Graphics and design. Super cool. So tell us, how did music enter your
Nikki: ! I come from the lineage of Laoye-Ajeniju royal
family in Osun State Ede. A musical family; Oba Adetoyese Laoye played 4the
Queen of England when she came to Nigeria so u see we serenade Royalty.
Jaibikay: so
basically you have been singing since you were a child?
Nikki: I started singing since I was 3. My Dad was a lead
singer of his own band. He could pitch higher than me sef. Once I turned 5, my
parents saw my singing abilities & put me up with the adult choir at
church; with music in my genes, Dad singing & his huge music collection of
records at home, music was the norm for us.
coolies. So why was gospel music your preferred choice.
Nikki: I actually
do more than just your average Gospel music. My music type is “Urban
Contemporary Christian. With Urban contemporary music, I do a fusion of Gospel,
R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul. In my first album, “Angel 4Life”, released in
2008, you’ll find a mix of song types & expressions. I basically sing about
my faith, my God, Life, Love & album is always a mix of
these; with my music, I express Nikki the worshipper; Nikki the lover; Nikki
the woman-different parts of me. From day one, people have tagged my music as
either Gospel, Inspirational, even Secular Gospel all that is
important to me is to teach people to love God better, Love people better, love
Life better.
Jaibikay: Tell us
about your breakout single: Never Felt This Way Before.
Nikki: Never Felt This Way B4 came at a time i was dealing
with relationship issues, who to love, how to love. It was the last song i recorded
for my debut album Angel4Life & became the first single. Can U imagine? I
was confused about this “thing called Love” and God just told me
“Write about the way I love you, And then you would understand how to Love
the man I bring to you and everyone around you; So i call “Never Felt This
Way Before” the three way dimensional song . God loves You, You Love Him
& He loves You. Never Felt” has turned out to be the love song/bridal
dance tune for many couples over the years; “God Loves U; U Love Him; Him
Loves U”- Him/Her that is Depending on if you’re man or woman ooo Lol!!
Jaibikay: soo its
love tins that made you write the song, essorai, so how many albums do you
Nikki: LOOOL!
Jibike oo!! I have only one album till date, “ANGEL 4 LIFE”, released
in 2008; Released under Wahala Media Ent. with singles like “Never
Felt”, “Taka Sufe”, “Someone to Love; The album featured
artistes such as Rooftop Mcs, Jeremiah Gyang, Karl Nova (UK) , Blaise, Soul
Jaibikay: okies,
so please tell us how your hit track 123 came into existence?
“123” was created by accident. My brother/producer X Blaze made the beat
& once I heard it. I knew i had to write something to that beat on the
spot. I always wanted to create a fun, dance track. So “like play, like
play” I started chanting “123”. My brother & I screamed
“that’s the chorus!;
“123” for me is a song of strength because the Word
says “The Joy of the Lord is Your strength” That was one of the
simplest songs I have ever written & am so happy that it’s become widely
Jaibikay: What
challenges have you faced in this gospel industry?
Nikki: The
challenge of getting constant airplay on mainstream platforms & financial
support/structure; I do pray for more financial support for the Gospel Industry;
too many fantastic artistes exists daily; Am blessed 2have a wonderful
management Wahala Entertainment who carries my wahala for me but we need More
Jaibikay: What do
you consider as the highpoint of your career?
Nikki: hmm!I have
many high points o! Winning the headies; Creating the anthem video with
EbonyLife TV, Double trending on twitter at the release of Only You;  Being made Voice Of
Jaibikay:  May God elevate you more. So what else do you
do apart from music?
Nikki:  amen dear! I run my own design company,
Scribbles by Nikki Laoye- handle designs, prints for companies; I also
run Angel for Life Foundation
and work on the development of blind & physically challenged youths; We are
presently handling the #Help
Kelechi Walk
fundraising campaign for Kelechi’s spinal surgery;
I also host my own radio show Girls Rock
With Nikki Laoye
every Thursday 
5-7pm on Praise world
radio; I recently assumed my ambassadorial duties as a SW for NCFRMISW, speaking for
Jaibikay: Semi-final
question, who do you plan on working with in the nearest future?
Nikki: they are
plenty o. Lol! But I like the element of surprise. So u will have 2wait.
Jaibikay: And
finally what kind words would you leave us with this great Wednesday evening?
Nikki: Stay Focused on your goals/dreams, many waters will
rock your boat but you Got Jesus so U got all u need; Look out for someone u
can help daily-Either with a smile, a tweet, a hug, money or clothes.
Jaibikay: Thank
you soo much for your time. It’s really appreciated. God bless, we are waiting
for your collabo with Michelle Williams. 😀
Nikki: Thanks for
hosting me dear. It’s been 2 hours of fun & gist. Lol! Amen 2 collabo with Michelle Williams, I love
Her teaming fans also had the opportunity to ask some
When will we see a Nikki Laoye ft. Bouqui, Sammie Okposo or
Nikki: Lol! Great people to work with ooo!
Olamide Grillo: You said you studied computer science, pls
can u tell me ur experience and what it entails?
Nikki: I got my degree in UI and it had its challenges
especially the math courses. But I studied Hard.
Capital Paul: Are you married?
Nikki: Yes, been married for 2 years now.
Soo many other questions but couldn’t capture all.
I hope you had a great time reading this; and may God give
us all the grace to remain steadfast in Him and love Him unconditionally.
Running off now to prepare the next Twinterview. Do have
yourself a blessed week ahead!!!!!!
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