Tunde Ednut asked me out, but i refused – Bobrisky

The war between Tunde Ednut and Bobrisky is not going to end anytime soon as the Nigerian cross dresser and self acclaimed King of Snapchat, has blamed the singer turned Instagram tyrant, for editing and leaking the
unflattering photo him, revealing after shave bumps and dark spots on his face.

Tunde Ednut asked me out Bobrisky

He took to Instagram and wrote:

‘There is this viral pictures I have been seeing on the internet. I
got to know that the post was from Tunde Ednut. As we all know, we all
know that Tunde Ednut has no future. He has no career. We don’t even
know if he is a comedian or a singer–maybe an artiste. Because the guy
sing, the song nor blow. He did comedy and his comedy nor blow.’
‘I think what Tunde Ednut does now is to laugh at people. We all know
that his page on Instagram is so boring. Whenever he wants to make his
page busy, he will look for my picture, probably go and edit it and
post, so the page can go viral.’
‘That guy has no sense. And the only reason he is on my case [is
this]: one time, early last year, he ‘toasted’ me, and I was like, ‘what
the fuck is this’? I blocked him, and ever since, this dude has been on
my case.’

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