Toyin Lawani justifies why she does not believe marriage is needed to be happy

Yesterday, we brought the news that Toyin Lawani expressed that you don’t need marriage to be happy, read here. She has somewhat defended her statement. According to her men just need kids cause it’s important and they think women belong in the kitchen. Here is what she wrote;

“If I didn’t say?this it will be a case of I said that,please remember that we all have our notion about life and the situations we have been through,have overtime, influenced our thought process.Marriage is just a platform which humans need to use in defining and consoling each other,but at the end of the day,men just need kids??cause it’s important&we are the oven.most men think we belong in the kitchen.They hate when women are in control. I write this from an informed position” been there, done that”. I have been with someone who’s richer than me&also been with someone who I’m richer than,which has been a worthwhile experience to have a balanced viewpoint.As a woman,when you are at the receiving end in marriage,men just want to control you.I long for a situation where love strives&my drive for success is encouraged without my man being intimidated.most women make their men feel bad but I don’t,I’m humble&respect my man,age regardless.cse they are our kings,But men will always be men&women need to align with that fact&not try to change that.even pastor Sef dey cheat,just pray to God to send u your Bestfriend,who will respect you enough not to bring shame into your home.At the end of the day everyone deserves to be happy,but not to stay in a bad marriage at the expense of their Happiness.Men cheat&all that money lavished on wedding becomes a waste,you go through divorce&your kids will be subjected to mental punishment.No woman on earth can Replace a father,I will rather spend my lifetime with my Bestfriend knowing we have each other till the end.People need to stop getting hassled into marriage&in the process,settle for the available (wrong man). let the will of God prevail in your life journey. If u hv a partner for ten years and eventually get married then that implies you have settled for a true friend whose friendship will permeate your union. married women in this part of the world sacrifice the most&still subjected to abuse&disrespect from their spouses .Where is the principle of equity&’s a 50/50 thing,”sacrifice for me&I will sacrifice for you”.I love my career bt my kids come first,Be best friends then marriage will come.
At Gods time??”
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