Toyin Abraham Speaks On Lifestyle, Career And Failed Relationships

Toyin Abraham
 People close to the top actress, Toyin Abraham
disclosed that everything about her has changed. From her new style of
dressing, makeup and even how she relates with people.

During an
interview not so long ago, the beautiful  actress opened up on the
challenges she has faced in the previous years and how they almost
affected her life and her career, but she picked up herself and became
the strong woman anyone would want to be, not only that, she became
focused and took her career as her first priority, which earned her more
respect and many roles in the English movie industry.

Recall that the actress had a failed marriage to Adeniyi Johnson and
became addicted to alcohol afterwards. Also in the interview, she talked
about her emotional health situations, past mistakes and career. Asked
why she had changed so much within the last few months, Toyin said she
had to work on herself, quit her drug habit and redefine her
relationship with other people.

The actress admitted that having suffered much bad publicity in the
past, she had to search for a solution to her problems by looking
inwards. The search led to the discovery that she loathed herself. “At a
point, I realised that I didn’t love myself enough and I wanted the
people around me to love me. Also, I found that all the while I chose to
please other people before pleasing myself. And I was focusing on the
things that did not matter,” she said.

  1. “I didn’t plan for a broken home, I didn’t plan for a broken marriage.

After my marriage, there was so many negativity and I was emotionally carried away.”

  1. “I didn’t heal before jumping into another relationship but I thought I was going to be healed by another relationship.

Toyin Abraham
I realised I didn’t love myself and I wanted people around to love me.

I didn’t focus on things that really mattered. I was focusing on things that don’t matter and I always choose people before me.”

  1. “I did not love myself enough. I was losing touch with things that
    used to work for me because I was involved with negative habits like
    drugs, smoking, and codeine.

All these things were empowering my negative energy. So I had to stop.”

  1. “I realised I deserved more. I focus more on bigger pictures. I
    decided to change my team and few people around me and I decided to
    change my habits.

I stopped doing a lot of things. A lot of bad things that brings out the negative energy in me.”

Toyin Abraham
5.”I sought for help. I changed some people and friends around me and I stopped my negative habits.

The battle is 100% over. I have lived my past behind I’m looking forward to the future.

I’ll let everything that happened in the past be in the past. That’s
why I agreed to change my name. I’m in the future. I thank God for
giving me another chance.”

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