“Men are shallow too” Toke Makinwa disses ”The Things Single Girls Say To Themselves Before Reality Sets In’ video

On Sunday, KFB shared an hilarious video of the ‘things single ladies say before reality hits them”…well OAP Toke Makinwa has reacted to the video. In her newly released VLOG for the week, the newly married OAP insisted that “‘Ladies SHOULD NOT apologize for having high standards on the kinda guy you want simply because guys do it too!”

“Have you guys seen that video of that funny girl on “shit single girls
say till reality hits them”? It is so hilarious guys, I couldn’t stop
laughing. If you haven’t seen it, google is your friend. I watched the video and it inspired me to talk about the men and how
quick they are to point out all the reasons why some women are single,
they feel some women are too picky, some feel that women make wrong
choices, over all, I think MEN ARE JUST AS GUILTY TOO.” Toke says in the video titled “some shallow things guys say”

See video and highlight of her submission below:

-Guys go out with girls because of good dentition,big boobs and and how she catwalks!…oh yes!

-Guys want a girl that comes from a certain tribe and is educated. If you hear the reason men dump their girls and marry others these days you will be shocked…flimsy shallow reason and they don’t offer any apologies for their actions,you shouldnt as well.

-I do not crucify anyone for having standards because everyone one does!

-Men will say they want to marry a virgin after dating and nacking a girl for long.

-They want a girl with pointed boobs after sucking yours dry and turning it to bathroom slippers!.

-They will say they didn’t marry her because her parents are poor and her mother ties wrapper yet,their mums pound yam and okra to make a living.

-Some are so selfish and unrealistic and she says to the guy who made the video to think twice before making such video about shit women say when they are single!

Men think shallow and the above are some of the reasons, she says.

You can watch the video HERE

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