Toke Makinwa and co-presenter mock each other during live programme on Radio

Oops, this happened during the week on the usual every morning drive show on Rhythm FM.

If you are a regular listener of the show, you will notice that Toke is fond of
taking shots at her co-presenter, Nanya Diali. Sometimes she jokingly calls him ‘ugly’.
Anyway, this week – on Tuesday morning to be precise – she got more than what she bargained for when she jokingly attacked him by calling his shirt ‘fake.
Normally Nanya would laugh over it but this time he replied her.
Read their tete-a-tete below:

Nanya:  Thank God it’s just my shirt that is fake…but You (Toke) are fake from head to toe. “
Toke:     Oh really, I didn’t know that! Can you kindly expantiate please.
Nanya:   Oh baby I will. Let’s start with your weaves, and then your fake eye lashes, and then your makeup, and also your push up bra and finally your bleached skin, my dear I tell you, people will run. You have no single natural
beauty, you are totally fake” he jokingly said.
Of course they laughed over it but there is always an iota of truth in every joke right?
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