This is some love story: A Love That Transcends the Physical – Elvis, in a Wheelchair & Fule

Yea, we know it’s not Monday (True Love story series) but we just had to share this beautiful love story courtesy of BN.

Meet Fule Mukwele and Elvis Nkemayang, they had their traditional wedding
on April 3 2013, their court wedding in May 2013, and their church
wedding on December 22nd 2014. 
Cameroonian photographer and videographer Penjo Entertainment covered the couple’s special moments.

Read their  couple about their love, their daughter, and how the wheelchair has made their love stronger.

How did you meet?
Fule & Elvis: We had a friend in common. So he introduced us and from there we started communicating. After a while we got engaged.

How did Elvis propose?
Fule: He just asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and I accepted without a ring. Lol.
After our traditional wedding he got a beautiful ring and then formally asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.
How long has Elvis been in a wheelchair? What unique experiences did that bring to the relationship? 
He has been on the wheelchair for 10 years. I think it’s all different.
I’m used to the Elvis on the wheelchair and sometimes I tell him I
might not have gotten married to him if he wasn’t in that situation.
Please tell us more about your cute daughter.
Fule & Elvis: Our daughter’s name is Nyrelle Chonwa Nkemayang. We had her after the traditional wedding. Nyrelle brought so much joy in our family and she is so so adorable.
Any word to inspire others?
Fule & Elvis: A
word to those out there is to be where your happiness lies. Love your
partner and always learn to compromise. Lastly, but not least, put God
Wedding  Photos
Photography & Video: Penjo Entertainment | Email: penjoka (at) | Instagram: @PenjoBaba | Website:

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