This Government official is in support of Friday’s Military Attack at Palmgroove

 Godwin Ohimai Amaize –  the Special Assistant to the Minister of State for
Defence – who recently got married with a weird cake – sparked
outrage on Twitter hours ago,  after he posted tweets blasting everyone that said
the Nigerian Army is to be blamed for Friday’s Palmgroove attack.

The Nigerian army had after the vandalism denied their involvement, saying:

It’s not true that the soldiers destroyed buses or set any bus on fire.
What happened was that a BRT bus knocked down a soldier and killed him.
As usual in Lagos, area boys gathered and a few soldiers stopped at the
scene as well. The GOC has dispatched military policemen to the scene to
help restore law and order.”

And in a series of tweets, Godwin dared anyone who has accused the
Nigerian Army of the BRT vandalism to produce a photo evidence.

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