They Say That Scripts Released By El-Rufai Were For Messengers & Carpenters | Those Who Marked Them Were Illiterates

New report says that the scripts displayed on the internet by Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai were those of messengers and carpenters.

This was according to The Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT).
NUT Zaria chapter chairman, Yahaya Abbas on Thursday in an interview with newsmen reportedly said the carpenters were forcefully converted to teachers on his assumption of office.
He said, “We were disturbed when we saw those scripts. This was why we investigated.
“You may recall that el-Rufa’i has directed the conversion of all redundant staff in the local education authorities to teachers. Among those converted were messengers, carpenters, labourers, security personnel among others. We were made to write the exam in question with those people.
“Our investigation revealed that candidate number EKUB 0059 displayed by el-Rufai was a carpenter in Kubau local government before he was forcefully taken to class. Candidate number EKUB 2839 was a messenger in the same local government.
“If you remember all attempts to draw the attention of the government on the implication of their action fell on deaf ears.
“Again, those that marked this exam are the illiterates, because even these candidates with their limited knowledge have answered some of the questions correctly but they were marked wrong.”
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