“There’s no need flogging a dead horse…” Kate Henshaw reveals why she separated from her husband

In a very recent interview with a national newspaper, movie star Kate
Henshaw who separated from her husband in 2011 cleared the air on her
marital status why she is still single and her career.
When asked
why she separated from her husband she said “I just decided that, ok, it
didn’t work. Next, I had to move on. There is no need holding on to the
past – no need holding on to something if it’s not working any more.
There is no need flogging a dead horse since it is already lifeless. And
when you decide to bury the horse, would you not leave the grave site
afterwards? You would go now.
Anything that happens to you now, that sun
would still set, another day would come. So, it’s your choice to either
be part of the living or be in the grave yard. And I choose to be
alive, enjoy my life and smile at everything that is happening – good or
bad. As long as God is with you, things would always be fine with you.
not thinking about anything. At the moment, I’m facing my career. If it
comes, fine. If it doesn’t come, that’s okay. It’s not the end of the
world because I’m convinced that God loves me.
Love has given me more than enough. I have the most gorgeous daughter in the whole world. That’s enough for me.”

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