The truth of the matter: M.I Disses Olamide In #Chairman song

You all know M.I’s  hit#Chairman song, well there are claims that the song was released to counter a diss
from fast-rising indigenous rapper Olamide.
You will recall that in one of Olamide’s songs,
he made mention of a certain ‘chairman’ in his song, Owotabua, telling
him to take it easy and calm down…thus it was assumed that M.I responded to the diss via his #chairman song!
Well, M.I  has debunked the rumour, calling it
‘cheap and impossible’. M.I’s publicist, Oma Areh of Wild Flower
PR, says it was impossible for MI to spend about
N10m on a video and so much energy on a song to respond to a diss.

She said, “MI spent about N10m on the
video. He shot it in Los Angeles and they used two mansions, a private
jet and various fancy cars. It took them three days to shoot the video.
It is impossible for MI to diss Olamide, who said that?  That is too
cheap and impossible. It is not remotely possible.”
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