The Lady and her Dog: You just gotta love the bond between Labi Layori and her ‘Brownie’ (Photos)

In 2014, Pretty TVC presenter, Labi Olayori reportedly got engaged (HERE) but it’s like the engagement has been called off cos, it’s been over two years now and she is not saying anything about it.

Anyways, the beautiful presenter has found a new love – her Dog, Brownie and she doesn’t joke with the pet. Brownie is her best friend, lover and everything. They eat together, sleep together, go out to church and everywhere together and do everything together!

When the pet clocked three months old last year, Labi wrote this “ yaay!#Brownie is 3months today? she’s the koolest ?
…people say you are what your kids ? are…she loves to kiss,cuddle
and play…she has taught me what discipline is…waking up every
morning for a run…?she doesn’t like wine prefers water and caprisonne
…..she hates cold water for her bath…so now i run warn water for
her.many thanks to joke at @petplanetnigeria you are the best vet
ever!!!! #Brownie is a sucker for people that smell really nice even
though i have to run after her to spray hers…she knows the sound of
my cry and runs to me ??????i love ?? many more years together”

And when the pet clocked one recently, Labi wrote this tribute “Only few will understand how it feels to have a good friend…the kisses,hugs,the look and the chats…you know when i’m broke,sad,sick,blue and happy #itsofficialNomore goldenmorn since you are one …u prefer your turkey and meat not too hard not too soft and you still dont want rice and stew..hhmm .all the olopas for area know u pass me sef..funny how u like going to church with us…brownie…you became my alarm know when my phone rings.and you love the kids.?best part is when i walk into the house and u are all over me with hugs and kisses u make my day complete and you know when a bad persin walks not looking forward to you being knocked out i!! ya still a baby even though ya yet to see ya #?heat..#loveyoubrowniemypaddyoflife”

It is often said that a Dog is Man’s best pet..nicey!


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