The Cleaner who that returned 1N2million finally gets a salary increase (but it’s small)

You would think doing a good deed would pay off nicely… maybe not in these parts.
Josephine Ugwu, the airport cleaner who returned a passenger’s
luggage containing local and foreign currencies to the tune of N12m has
been rewarded.

He reward for a good deed came in the form of a N7,200 salary increment from a N7,800 salary, bringing her new salary to N15,000.
In essence, for her commendable act, her salary was doubled from embarrassing to meagre.
Even though her colleagues expressed disappointment that such act of
uncommon integrity was not noticed by the government, Ugwu, however,
said she had no regrets for what she did, but would not mind being

 “I believe that a good name is better than riches.
This incident has taken my name far and wide and I am happy that it is for a
good cause. God’s reward is the ultimate, but if the government will give me a
proper job as promised, I will be happy. 
My company on its part has tried and I am grateful for the
management’s action. My salary has been increased and I have also been
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