Tara Durotoye Misses Hubby and she wants the world to know it!

Tara Durotoye (@taradurotoye) who is currently overseas is missing her hubby Fela Durotoye so bad she tweeted about it.

The beauty entrepreneur who’s
currently participating in the Young Global Leaders forum and is
currently in Dubai wrote on her Twitter ‘I Miss u @feladurotoye can’t wait to come home to u‘.
She jokingly added a while later ‘The man I sent the tweet to has still not seen it o:)can I ping from tweeter?‘.
And when a follower asked her to send him a Direct Message via the social network, she responded ‘I don’t want to DM him na?it defeats d purpose of telling the world I miss him naa!’. Aww, so cuuuute!
Fela and Tara are blessed with three boys.
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