Stop comparing and start owing your own | Channels TV presenter, Adesewa Josh reacts as Mark Zuckerberg jogs in Lagos without a body guard

Mark Zuckerberg

So, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg arrived Lagos on Monday afternoon unannounced  (HERE) and he has been sharing moments from his trip so far with his fans on his Facebook page.

Yesterday, he went jogging with some friends and moved around without bodyguards, an action that has got tongues wagging. Many Nigerians have taken advantage of the situation to mock Nigerian leader leaders, billionaires and politicians, admonishing them to take a que from the billionaire and stop moving around with body guards too (HERE).

Well,  Channels TV presenter, Adesewa Josh has reacted to the criticisms. She posted this message hours ago.

  Can you please SHUT UP already! Who told you that zuck goes about L.A without his body guard? Or attends events without his security details? Or that FBI/Secret Service hasn’t combed the area ahead of his visits and are still part of his details?

Dudes, stop comparing and start owning your own. This has got nothing to do with more than the fact zuck is a simple dude and he is owning his own.

Bill gates et al have been here many times, did they jog on the road or come to your nearby suburb for peppered snail?… Just so you know, it’s all part of who zuck is, branding and publicity…whatever sells., not all American billionaire entrepreneurs are “simple”, some of them evade taxes and accumulate wealth, etc. People are people, and no matter who you choose to be , or realise you are, own it!

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