Stella Damasus remembers her late first husband Jayejeje Aboderin

Stella Damasus
Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has remembered her first husband Jayejeje Aboderin who died in sad circumstances about twelve years ago.

The Nollywood actress amidst several backlash and hatred from most
people has not stopped remembering her first husband even though she’s
been married after the death to another man and presently married to

Stella Damasus
is about the most castigated Nigerian actress so much that the actress
and her movie maker husband had to relocate totally to the US to hide a
bit from the negativity facing them.

the distance,  the long arms of the social media has left Stella
susceptible to the insults and negative comments here,  her posts come
without the comments section enabled.

her post of remembrance for Jaye Aboderin the father of her only
children  Stella reiterates that she would always remember him.

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