Stella Damasus’ reaction to Muna Obiekwe’s death

Earlier, there were conflicting reports on the death of Muna Obiekwe and actress Stella Damasus was one of those that denied it at first.

But she took back her words and posted this on IG moments ago:

confirmed it from some close friends and relatives that he is really
dead. The message from twitter that he was still alive was from a fake
account. So this is my pain, how do you know what to believe and what
not to believe? Where do we draw the line? Over nine thousand people on
twitter have believed that he is still alive because of the fake twitter
account. REST IN PEACE BRO! I was really hoping that it was a rumor.
God rest your soul. This is too painful. Whoever put that message out
not the fake twitter account should be careful. Don’t play games with
people’s lives like that.”
The late Muna is survived by a wife and kids.

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