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Speed Darlington reveals why he can never ‘marry up’

Speed Darlington has revealed why he can never get married to someone who has more money or power than him.

According to him, he prefers to stick to making use of Versaline and tissue papers, probably for masturbation, instead of ending up in such marriage.

He shared:

‘you can’t control a person that pays your bills. I can never marry any person that has more money or power than me. Therefore I am sticking to these till my dick feels like it’s about to peel off’.

Speed Darlington
Speed Darlington

Just yesterday, Speed Darlington reacted to an interview in which actress Tonto Dikeh called her ex-husband a 40-seconds man.

Sharing on social media, the jester offered his love to the divorced actress:

‘you will never lack any sexual pleasure with me that’s my word don’t worry about the background I’m making a song I just finished recording my latest “Akamu” I record at home and that’s why background look super attractive; but concentrate on the mental picture.
Picture how I will have you shaking like leaf, not sure if I can give you Lamborghini but I will make sure you are satisfied I don’t cheat that’s one thing I can tell you for sure.

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